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hi, how could i solve this problem more easy? 
i mention that i got the files correctly and i can see the mount/npc in-game but it s pullin me back if i dismount it.. and sysser asks me about the msm in all folders.. idk why, any tips? 

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1 minute ago, WeedHex said:

Use right vnum (your one seems ok).

npc.txt -> Set?

.msm file in right folder.

yep, all good.. but it s askin me from different folders, npc,monster 2 etc (example) but idk why.. as i said, in-game i can see it, works good but the only problem is after a long run if i dismount it, pulls me a lil' back

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The folder directory depends from the vnum you chose. You have too see on c++ in

void __GetRaceResourcePathes(unsigned race, std::vector <std::string>& vec_stPathes)



I read better now, your problem is on server side. "Accumulation" in data/monster/*.msm 🙂

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