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How to create Atlas map



Hello metin2dev, i have create my map i have saved atlas info i have rpess the insertkey, but now my question is how do i create the big atlas map when you press M

I mean i can have an idea making all the minimap fotos together or something like that ? or maybe with some software ?


Thank you

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World editor remix have a button to so save the atlasmap "Save atlasmap/mini".

Then extract etc.eix-epk and go to ymir work\ui\atlas create your map folder and place an atlas.sub inside like this:

title subImage
version 1.0
image "yourmap.dds"
left 0
top 0
right 256
bottom 256

You need to edit the dds name and right-bottom (actually the size of the image)

¨The image itself should be placed to ymir work\ui\yourmap.dds

+1 info: The world editor save your atlasmap as bmp as I remember, you have to convert it to dds. You can use GIMP2/Photoshop... Maybe if you just rename it from bmp to dds it may work since i remember jpg renaming worked too, but that's lame 😉

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