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Sephira - International - Opening date Saturday, 26 June 2021

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Registration will be available on the opening date
The opening date is Saturday 26 June 2021



I'm sorry for the double topic but I can not edit the old one. If someone could merge the two topics, I would be grateful. If it is not possible, at least remove the old one.
Thank you in advance.

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Q. How can I obtain costumes in game?
A. An NPC can be found in (almost) every map/dungeon which will allow the craft of a certain costume/hairstyle/weapon skin.


PS The video above is just an example, the requested items for crafting the samurai costume will be changed.

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The window of this system will appear randomly when the player farms, fishes or mines generating a 5-digit code.
- The player has to enter these 5 digits correctly within 15 seconds;
- If the inserted pin is wrong, the system will generate a new code offering the possibility to enter the new code;
- There is a limit of 5 attempts to enter the correct pin;
- If the player fails to do so, the system will send a warning and disconnect the player;
- At three such warnings the player is penalized, being forced to wait 3 hours before he can log in again on that account;
- If the pin is not inserted within 15 seconds, the player will be disconnected and will receive a warning;
- If the player chooses the sending option without inserting the pin he will be disconnected and will receive a warning;

This system has been designed and thought in such a way as to block any attempt to use any illegal macro program.
After the pin has been inserted correctly, the previous attempts will be reset and the system window will reappear after a random period of time, only when the player is farming, mining or fishing.
It is not an intrusive system, it is not meant to disturb players who play fair but to protect and capitalize their work by removing people who use illegal programs.


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#Merging duplicate topics

If you want to contact the Metin2 Dev team, please open a ticket on the Discord server or
you can send a private message, don't forget to include the whole team as the recipient...


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Following items can now be traded:

  • Exorcism Scroll (from stones)
  • Concentrated Reading (from stones)
  • Stone Handbook
  • Scroll of Location

The following items can now be stacked:

  • Horse Riding Manual
  • Horse Taming Manual

The drop chance of the following items was decreased:

  • Magic Iron Ore
  • Magic Copper Ore
  • Stone of the Blacksmith
  • Sun Zi Art of War
  • Wu zi Art of War
  • WeiLiao Zi Art of War
  • Horse Riding Manual
  • Horse Taming Manual
  • Spirit Stone Scroll
  • Stone Handbook
  • Hay
  • Carrot
  • Red Ginseng
  • Back to town
  • Scroll of the Location
  • Mining Guide
  • Polymorph Book

The above update will result in a higher chance of dropping all other items found in the common drop such as:

  • Bravery Cape
  • Reinforce Item
  • Enchant Item
  • Dragon God Buffs
  • Critical Strike
  • Piercing Strike
  • Researcher's Elixir
  • Researcher's Wine Bottle

Has been added in maps:

  • Ork Chief has been added in Seungryoung
  • The number of stones in all maps has been incresea
  • Following items were added in-game:
  • Enchant Costume and Transform Costume can now be obtained from Confucius map 1
  • Website shop (will be added shortly):
  • Were added VIP and VVIP membership
  • Wardrobe packages containing permanent costumes, hairstyle and weapons skins (random bonuses, they can be changed in game)

Fixed some minor issues on the server side.

Patch Notes

  • Teleporter has been enabled, added a Teleporter in each dungeon
  • Enabled wind, fire, lightning bonuses on armour, costume, bracelet and shield
  • Sort inventory was completely removed and replaced with a new one (compatible with the special inventory)
  • Special Inventory has been added, can store up to 4 categories of items, 4 pages for each category and can stack up to 5.000 of same item. It has a special effect just like normal inventory when an item is selected to be sold
  • Status Reset and Skill Reset Document, all for Redistribution Status were added to Sales Woman
  • A new event map was added

The following systems have been updated and syncronized with special inventory:

  • Refinement system
  • Multiple sell system
  • Tradehouse system
  • Guild storage system
  • Highlight system


  • The Biologist reward was changed
  • Replaced Elixirs (m) from Sales Woman with Elixirs (E) (over 300% increased volume)
  • Optimized the inventory so it won't cause lag anymore

More structural modifications were made in order to optimize the server and client side


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