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Client Crash/close

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Hello, I'm experiencing some problems with the client, it gives some errors, being them:

- Close out of nowhere
- Some boxes appear out of nowhere
- Screen "freezes", game continues to work normal on the screen of the other characters, however, on the one that gives the problem, it is as if everything was stopped

From what I could see, it usually occurs when you receive a private message, I already checked the packets (client / game) and they all look good, does anyone have any idea what it might be? (In the syserr / syslog of the server, there is no anomaly)

- Sequence system was removed from my source (but before, the problems were worse)


0525 21:21:44608 :: Phase Game does not handle this header (header: 34, last: 3, 34)


I thank you all!

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16 minutes ago, Finnis said:

Seems like a packet problem to me, did you add / update some packets?

If yes, static or dynamic?

Can you reproduce it sending PM's?


#define MAX_GOLD_LL
#define SVSIDE_ON
#define __DISABLE_SEND_SEQUENCE__ // Disable sequence
#define WJ_ENABLE_TRADABLE_ICON // GF-Like Inventory Slot Marking System
#define __SEND_TARGET_INFO__

Error of private messages occurs occasionally, the more players online, the more frequent it occurs, and the more private messages, the more chances of occurring, however, there are no other errors or information, there is always a packet error with number 34 (HEADER_GC_WHISPER = 34)


Edit: Even before making changes, inserting new systems, the problem already existed.

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  • Developer

Those updates shouldn't cause this error;

I've had this problem too a while ago, but in my case it was because I didn't send the correct size of the dynamic packet(there should be a 'short' variable in the packet's struct if it's Dynamic), maybe it helps.

You could also can try starting the client in Debug mode and check what data you receive from the server;

Hope it helps!


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