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40k DB error on startup sometimes



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i think every one has this error

after closing the db/auth/ch

and restarting them it does not work

if so when you want to load someting new just shut down (via gm char)

let the server for some time and reboot that would be all

and the fix from that post is not what you want

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If i kill the ch1, and start again, all times work

Only db not. 


Older db doesn't have this error, but i can't use older db with 40k game  :)

I'm waiting for another solution, but thx for the answer.





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As I have the same problem I tried what Timasu said but didn't help.


Other suggestions?





The problem is maybe in this codeblock:

void CDBManager::SetLocale(const char * szLocale)
	const std::string stLocale(szLocale);
	sys_log(0, "SetLocale start" );
	for (int n = 0; n < SQL_MAX_NUM; ++n)
	sys_log(0, "End setlocale %s", szLocale);

The syslog "SetLocale start" appears in my syslog file but the syslog "End setlocale x" doesn't appear.

Same for you guys?

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