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M2 Download Center

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( Internal )

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( GitHub )













(Adding new types and subtypes is so easy, just check codes)


✔️Cheque System:



✖️Cheque System:






Root side is from the leaked root file in 2018.


It's working in same cores.

To use the LOOKING GLASS, you must be on the same map with the shop.

It does not matter for TRADING GLASS either.


Official servers uses mask types and subtypes. 
90% do not use those types, including me.

I edited it for types and subtypes.(2014)



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Edited by Mali
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Great topic! I think you should still leave a C++14 version for people doing the (normal?) job of upgrading their sources.

Excellent job as usual, it's a nice version of this system, probably the best so far. Congratulations!

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coming soon

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Hi @ Mali, sorry for tagging you,

But I implemented this system today and I've been stuck on it for 4 hours already. I can't manage to solve:

0120 02:14:20922 :: AttributeError
0120 02:14:20922 :: 'Button' object has no attribute 'IsDIsable'

I have no compilation errors, but when I open the search shop and press "Search" I have my sysser spammed by IsDisable. If you have any idea what I could've done wrong, please let me know

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@ Mali 


Hello financial.

How can I search for all classes or just by typing the item name?

I don't want to choose a class. I just want to write the name of the item and find the item. Regardless of class.

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