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Fifty Shades of Grey


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I think many of you know E. L. James' best seller trilogy, whose first part is the Fifty Shades of Grey. Lately has been released the trailer of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, which became one of the most viewed trailers in so little time.




The Fifty Shades is a highly erotic trilogy about Anastasia, an average girl who is drawn into a relationship with one of the richest people in America, Mr. Grey. He's a really desirable, attractive, mysterious man, who has many incomprehensible habits. Even in his relationships. Quickly reveals, that he's a dominant who wants far more from that girl who just visited him for an interview.




Fifty Shades of Grey movie will be released on Valentine's Day of 2015. But be careful, it's not for teenagers ;)




Anyways, the movie's cast has been a great debate. Most of people agreed with Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steel, but Mr. Grey's actor, Jamie Dornan disappointed most of people (including me too).

Most of the fans wanted Matt Bomer to play this role, because his looking is exactly like Christian Grey was written in the books, contrast to Jamie Dornan, but the author E. L. James didn't want him to play Mr. Grey because of the actor's homosexuality. Well, she knows...


About the books, maybe they are a bit overrated. I read the full trilogy when they came out, and I found most of the parts boring. But still has some interesting and much more pervert parts, and the 3rd book also has exciting actions.

But after watching the movie trailer, I can't wait to watch the full movie too. I think we will be able to see many interesting acts there :)




What is your opinion about both the books and the movie?

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i like the books and i doubt that the film will be good enough to compete with the books. however i don't like the actors for christian grey and anastasia steele. i think anastasia had to be younger and christian more manlier.. :S

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For me it seems overrated. And I also don't like the actors. I think it's one of those "films for women" thing.

Maybe i'll try the book even if i'm lazy as hell when it's about reading...


It's known to be a girl's book actually.. so naturally the movie is intended for women too..

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Sorry, I know this thread is now very old - but it would be interesting, what do you think now about the movies?

I didn't watch them because I was scared that it will destroy my admiration of this series (like any other movie, because books are definitely better!)

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