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Sadly I found (251,250) packet errors on my server, spent days with it, but I just can't fix it. I tried debugging, review the packet files both on client and server, but I could not find anything different between those two or neither other serverfiles. I use martysama 4.9 (I think), added sash and and multilanguage, but nothing else. Everything works fine, but when I select character/teleport around sometimes my client crashes with  


Unknown packet header: 189, last: 251 250 error.

The first number is always random, never defined in client or server, and the 251,250 is always the same. Found many topics on the internet, some said nothing, some said it's due to buffer overflow problems. Is it real? Can it be fixed? Where are those not existing packets are coming from? I've spent my weekend teleporting in the world of metin2, maybe if I could find some logic that is leading to the solution but nothing. It happens total random. Maybe I can say that it's more likely to happen if I use two or more clients at the same time.


Also I have similar problems vice-versa, my client sends unknown packets to server, but here the header is always 47, and the last is 3.


Analyze: login phase does not handle this packet! header 3
Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 47, LAST HEADER: 3(4), REMAIN BYTES: 14, fd: 16

I added header 3 into login phase, then the first line disappeared, but the second is still happening, causing players the stuck in teleport until they disconnect. I found that header 47 is also undefined, then where is it coming from? Why am I supposed to add header 3 into login phase, when its not supposed to be sent during login phase?


There are my packet files if someone is really interrested in my problem. Thank you for helping!

Server tables.h                          Server packet.h                         Client packet.h

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