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Fixed Wedding Map Bridge


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Hello guys,




This is really a problem that is kind of hard to detect because it could have occured only on the wedding map. I said could have because Ymir decided to remove this bridge and to put a normal bridge instead. As far as I checked, this bridge was dropped before 2005. This is a bridge in the style of the wedding map and it has a collision bug. I don't know if it is the reason why they decided not to use it, but anyway.


The Bug:


It has a collision bug, the collision is not stuck to the model and also, the height is, for some reason, too high, almost twice as big as the actual bridge size.


Here is a video of the bug: https://metin2.download/picture/2uuc1aT0g6D6jyDaviiL0fuH2R53q3NF/.gif


I've used a work around for a map I did in 2017 by putting two bridges and rotating them, but when I was looking at these maps again today I've simply decided to fix it completely using 3DS max.


So here is the fixed collision, I also decided to reduce the height of it to make it stick to the actual model.


Fixed Version:






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Simply replace the existing file into "zone\ymir work\zone\b\obj".


Enjoy and best regards. 😄


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