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[Trailer][1/3]NerviL2 The return of the Legend


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I wonder if the person who voted "poop" ever did anything productive with his life, I could never understand the hate.

By the way, that is not the right template to use for a Metin2 presentation, it tells me very little about the server itself.

I should be your guest, so you have to make me want to come into your house.

That being said, try to make the real deal, show me the action, the content, the systems etc.

Also, I would love to see metin2 private servers owners come with an ORIGINAL AND NEW story that can lead your path into the gameplay.

Same story is boring, at least I won't play Metin2 again if it is only about killing monsters and etc, that is boring.

Bring some story, what happened, what you have to do in this game and why, quests related to the story.. you can do a lot to make things spicy but still everyone choses to keep following the same path and the same boring story.

(and yes, if you are asking, I'm already working on a different kind of Metin2 server with a story and everything, just the way I think the things should look like).

Anyway, good luck with your server!

#Tip: if you use epic music, give some epic scenes(action synced to the music), it's a waste to use it on a book presentation(if you ask me), when you can do so many EPIC things with it :D.

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