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Problem with mob skill



EDIT: I solved the problem, it was from "AttackRange" from mob_proto, if anyone has this problem in the future, it's good to check also that one.



Hello everyone,

I'm having a problem with mobs from my server which have special attacks(skills).

So, I have a motlist.txt like this:

GENERAL SPAWN spawn.msa 100
GENERAL WAIT stay00.msa 100
GENERAL SPECIAL skill00.msa 100
GENERAL SPECIAL1 skill01.msa 100
GENERAL SPECIAL2 skill02.msa 100

I receive damage from this monster, but it's not doing any movement, it is only performing the "FRONT_DEAD" action.

I've put the folder in my /data/monster from my server with everything included(.msa files and motlist.txt), but still no change(I also gave permissions to this folder).

I tried putting some skill vnums from navicat in the "SkillVnum" category from mob proto, but still no change. I have in skill proto ID's 256-262.

.GR2 files are working properly as I checked with granny to see if the animation is working or not. I've put the monster folder in mob_proto, both server and client.

Even if I use poly to transform into a monster with this problem, I cannot perform those acctions.

I've tried replacing "SPECIAL" with "NORMAL_ATTACK" and, when I'm transformed I can attack, but the mob still cannot do any actions.

Is there anything else I should check? Or maybe I missed anything in the mobproto?

218	????	BOSS	MONSTER	MELEE	235			0	0	"STUN,SLOW,CURSE,TERROR"	0	mehees_monster	0	91	46	66	23	250	450	95000	25	20	150000	150000	320000	82	110	130	100	2000	150	0	0	0	0	0	50	15	20	40	35	40	40	40	40	0	0	60	0	0	10.28	2205	0	0	0	40	256	40	257	40	258	40	259	40	260	20	0	0	0	0

Thank you in advance!

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