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C++ Move Channel



Version of Files XXX

Hello, i use this fonction for switch channel


	void CHARACTER::ChangeChannel(DWORD channelId){
	    long lAddr;
	    long lMapIndex;
	    WORD wPort;
	    long x = this->GetX();
	    long y = this->GetY();	

	    if (!CMapLocation::instance().Get(x, y, lMapIndex, lAddr, wPort))
	        sys_err("cannot find map location index %d x %d y %d name %s", lMapIndex, x, y, GetName());

	    if(lMapIndex >= 10000){
	        this->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, ("You can't change channel in private map."));

	    //this->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_COMMAND, "RefreshChannel %d", channelId);	


	    TPacketGCWarp p;	

	    p.bHeader    = HEADER_GC_WARP;
	    p.lX    = x;
	    p.lY    = y;
	    p.lAddr    = lAddr;
	    p.wPort    = (wPort - 100*(g_bChannel-1) + 100*(channelId-1));
	    GetDesc()->Packet(&p, sizeof(TPacketGCWarp));

but i cant switch channel, i have timer when if i click, but, after, i retourn in page of login

my port channel 1 16002 my port channel 2 16102

and core 2 of channel 1 16003 core 2 of channel 2 16103

i dont know why and thank you for reply

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