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I can't finish a mission.



Version of Files XXX



1. Description of the problem / Question :

1.I wanted to make the mission "The sick brother" and i killed the tiger get the item but when i killed the white tiger i haved the inventory full,i throw something and get that item i needed from ground but i can't speak with Baek-go and continue the mission,i tried to rejoin ,nothing.I quest logs say go speak to him but i can't speak to him.

2.I want to be helped to finish that mission.

3.That all i can't deliver the items to Baek-go and continue the quest.



3. How to reproduce it ?

To reproduce it you need to start the miision "The sick brother",go kill tiger ,get the item you need from tiger but when you go kill white tiger you need to have the invetory full,throw something and then get the item you needed for quest from ground.


4. Screenshots 


Thanks, Sincerly,



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It sucks then and you stucked because tigers will not drop another one if you have them all, and you can't get to "back_to_baekgo" state unless a tiger drop another one, what is impossible for now.


If you really want to complete the quest then report it in gameforge's forum but honestly they will not hurry to fix it.

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You're on a wrong forum :D Go to gameforge's romianian forum and report your bug there. Here we only can fix the .quest file.


Edit: I checked the quest, drop/sell/stash the item and kill tiger for another one and the quest will continue.


To server owners who want to fix the quest just add this if to "when enter or login begin"'s bottom at state hunting:

            if new_quest_lv22_neededAmountDrop1 == pc.count_item(new_quest_lv22_drop1) and  new_quest_lv22_neededAmountDrop2 == pc.count_item(new_quest_lv22_drop2) then
                -- collected everything
                notice_multiline(gameforge.new_quest_lv22._061_notice, notice)

With this if the player reloging with the bugged situation it will contine and don't have to drop the item and kill tiger for another one.

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He can't skip (or cancel) at the state where he is, that's why it's annoying :D He will have the quest to kill tigers forever and he can't move on.

(At least the next quest don't locked behind this quest)


A lot of player want to do all quest to clear there quest list.

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