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[ Dead Download Link ] [Release]Custom NPC + Animation 1.0 [ We Need You ]


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Hi guys.

Here is another release of mine. It's a custom work. Still working on animations, so the animations that this NPC have are still a work in progress and it will be followed with new updates on animations. Please stay tuned for new updates .




In game video:







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Password to extract files inside archive is: metin2dev.org

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Great job :D the only thing that doesn't seem good is the second animation , it looks a bit strange 


Next update will include a complete wait animation. The 2x wait animation that are currently in the pack are parts of the future full animation. Like I said I am working and I don't have too much time available to do work for Metin2 as I was doing till a few months ago. But when I find time my releases will be found here on metin2dev or on my website.

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@Bogdan: he has a robotic animation not fluid animation


but Good. :D

I'm looking for opportunities as Community Manager/Tester



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@Bogdan: he has a robotic animation not fluid animation


but Good. :D


The final product/animation will be perfect I assure you :P. Like I said the actual 2 animations from the pack are just pieces . To make a complete animation take a little bit of time and some knowledge in anticipating the right body move for each bone to make that fluid animation. 

Anyway every opinion/suggestion is more than welcome and it will be taken under consideration and used to improve future updates of this release. 

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