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Problem Pet System with scale



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EDIT 1 : I fix both problem,but now i have another problem....when i try to summon a pet,ch1 crashed and the seal it's disappear.I use mysql not txt,on all pets i have:

                                                                         type  subtype

55701    ¾Æ±â ¿ø¼þÀÌ    Maimuta Mica    18    0    0    1    630912    8192    0        0    0    0    0    0    0    7    604800    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    34041    3    2    34042    0    0    -1    -1    -1    -1    -1    -1    0    0    0


type 18

subtype 0


and in syserr ch1 i receive this error:


UseMobSkill: No skill hit data for mob Generalul Yonghan index 1



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7 minutes ago, Mano said:


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Thank you very much!!now it's working but when i entered in game,i can't see any npc,and i can't see my character and i can't move....syserr client now it's empty.I don't know where is the problem,just i check every file from client and i don't see where i made the mistake.

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