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Metin2 CandyLongju2(CLJ2)-PvM Medium


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Name Server: CandyLongju2
Open channels: 1
Level max: 130
Points status: 90

Site Server: http://www.clj2.eu
Forumul Server: http://www.clj2.eu
Registration: http://clj2.eu/index.php?page=register
Download Client: http://clj2.eu/index.php?page=descarcare

Game Mode: PvM Medium
EXP-rate: 150%
Yang: 50%
Drop rate: 50%
Rate Smith: Between 5% and 100%

Server Details:
The maximum level is 130 per server.
Server rates are 150% experienced 50% drop rate of yang and items.
Weekend rates will be increased to 150%.

Blacksmith rate ranges between 5% and 100%.
The most important objects on the server is magical metal that can make stone blacksmith + 1x 1x magic iron ore.
The two objects can be obtained from the coffers Drop Metin level 100 event with candies that will be active in special days on the server; may be lower in the pharmaceutical and in the dark field of the map 70; DT can drop and at the level of 110 to trunk golden +, which drop at mobs.

The stones can raise up to 9 can be napped only the legendary blacksmith, with a chance to succeed between 70% -20% to 9.
To make the skills G, you only need 10 cards. It was changed to stone spirit quest to make perfect the skills more quickly.

A marble was removed blessed Object Now add 5 bonuses strengthening instead of four.
6/7 server are bonuses that can make the game, adding them was due to the damage site too, so if you want to be good in PVP you need these bonuses.
On armor, necklaces, earrings slippers and 6/7 bonuses will come as defense than 3% (ie defense: Defense sword, dagger, etc.)
On a helmet and wrist bonuses can enter are: Resistance to magic and lock body, the maximum is 3%.
The arms and the benefits that can enter shields are STR, INT, CON, DEX, a maximum value of 3%.
Bonuses have two variations, you can make an item in full shortly.




Steel evolving in Armour Epic, she has basic armor skins, just to have changed colors; + armor will show each other; the armor varies every three pluses. (For example, 0, +1 and +2 are the 90 and 3, 4 and 5 are levels 93)
Evolving weapons can drop the Grotto of Exile and the Chamber of crystal.
Upgrade Items needed to progress and raise any items:

Each kingdom will find wool blacksmith Dark Sanctuary, where you have all the maps:



Darkfield(Level 70)


United looked (Level 75)


Grotto of exile (Level 85)



Tigrami (Level 95)


Crystal Room (Level 95)


Land frozen (Level 105)


Tower demons (Level 102)
The tower was modified, you can easily move up to the top floor (11), the upper floors will be three bosses, the latter will be Charon.
Mobile tower can drop chest golden+ and key golden+. You can find drop below description.
You can not advance on the 7th floor if you have 110 level.
From 7th floor the mobs will drop Stone of Blacksmith, Iron ore magic, Add and Change 6/7 bonuses.

Details of events: Event candy, OX .

Team Game: [CM]SLS, [GM]Enache

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Top Posters In This Topic

This server is oldschool. This server has been opened in years 2009-2010. Now we reopened in romanian version. We will be very pleased if you will play it. Everyone is welcome. 

We are waiting for you!
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