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Game Design Development - Unreal Engine


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Hi metin2dev,

This semester I have one subject at the university called games design and development, in this subject we use unreal engine and c++.

The guides and task are in english/romanian and it teach you of how to be a game developer and how to use unreal engine.

I will let for you here the material of my subject and I there are people interested I will keep updating it.

If you have any question or you can share your work, you can post here (I will share mine).

You can also use unity but I choose unreal, here I let you the folder with the lessons 1 and 2, and one big book, (dont start to read all, read only the tasks asked in the lessons).


You can also find a lot of tutorias in youtube or ask me here, but Im a noob also, Im learning for now.



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