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Hey guys,
we just decided to open a little Rust (http://playrust.com/ , buyable on Steam for 18,99€) Server (Yeah its legal :D). We are currently in Beta Phase. Following Mods will be enabled:
- Door Sharing: You can share all your doors with somebody so he doesnt have to enter the code all the time
- Kill messages in chat
- Remover Plugin: You can remove house part YOURSELF built easily
- 1 Airdrop per hour
- Fitting Loot boxes
If you are interested to play with us in beta open the console with F1 and enter:




If you have questions to the game and/or our server feel free to PM me

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it's a pain in the ass running a rust server because the game is in beta and whenever they update the game there are issues with all your mods/plguins and the game itself alot of the time. It's the same problem minecraft server owners have had for years. I played alot of RUST when it first came out on steam and I had my own server and I'm telling you it's a pain to run. It's a fun game though.

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