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game.core Down HELP!!!!!!



Hi Guys, someone can help me with this problem?

Thank you so much guys.

First Debug:

#0  CHARACTER::GetName (this=0x3) at basic_string.h:280
280           { return  _M_dataplus._M_p; }

Using bt:

(gdb) bt
#0  CHARACTER::GetName (this=0x3) at basic_string.h:280
#1  0x081736cd in ITEM_MANAGER::SaveSingleItem (this=0xffffa280,
    item=0x31a8f1a0) at item_manager.cpp:484
#2  0x081758a4 in ITEM_MANAGER::Update (this=0xffffa280)
    at item_manager.cpp:544
#3  0x08293cd3 in heartbeat (ht=0x29129580, pulse=171577) at main.cpp:344
#4  0x08293e24 in idle () at main.cpp:943
#5  0x08295665 in main (argc=742211464, argv=0x365e3308) at main.cpp:591

Line: 484 of item_manager.cpp:
sys_log(1, "ITEM_SAVE %s:%d in %s window %d", item->GetName(), item->GetID(), item->GetOwner()->GetName(), item->GetWindow());

Line 544 of item_manager.cpp:
in function: void ITEM_MANAGER::Update():

Line 544: SaveSingleItem(item);

Line 344 of main.cpp:
in function idle()
line 344:
heartbeat(thecore_heart, ++thecore_heart->pulse);

Line 591 of file main.cpp:

int main(int argc, char **argv)

Line 591:
while (idle());

Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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