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New Metin2 100%PVP ;) (PORTUGUESE) Herafter International

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### EndlessPvP-Full PvP Server ###
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OficialEndlessPvP/
Website: http://endless-pvp.com/
At the same time online: 600
Online in 24 hours: 2000
### Features ###
-Full PvP Server.
-More than 30 adapted missions to PvP.
-Various adapted systems to PvP.
-600 players Online at the same time.
-2000 players Online on 12:00 am
-New Maps.
-New Items.
-Skins of Weapons
It's not PayToWin
-Only maps for help/tutorial
-Systems for players
-Systems for the Guilds
-Roses + Missions of roses
-Achievements system where you can buy all sorts of items.
-Dueling systems adapted to PvP
-And a lot of other thing/systems!
### ### System
(*) Rank/Title System.
The Rank/Title system is a system based on the ranks of the League Of Legends only will work for kills!
### Type of Ranks: ###
Bronze I-V (500-2000 kills)
Silver I-V (2500-4000 kills)
Gold I-V (4500-6000 kills)
Diamond I-V (6500-8000 kills)
Challenger-(15,000 kills)
There will be more ranks, just wanted to give examples.
These ranks will appear over your head
LV 116 Knight [GM] EndlessPvP
Thank you for your attention and we'd appreciate it if you would share the post!
PS: There are many more systems to be inserted every day :D

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On 05/11/2016 at 0:17 PM, AfterLife said:

The worst server PvP of the world.. Steal everything from the others, they can´t do nothing by them selves..

And they have an admin that likes to DDOS, I´m I wrong Ch3HP??

Perfectly right, in that server I don't trust, just by having Ch3HP on the administration...

Ch3HP is just a kid that likes to ddos the others when they don't agree or talk wrong to him or do something that he doesn't like...

Basically, he is a frustrated kid, that likes to use booters ;) 


Btw, the counter on the website, as I was told, is adding to many players to the count... ;)


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