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Snow Dungeon Map


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Thanks but this is already released here.




Topic locked.


Edit: I have been told that this map is reworked and therefore I'm opening this thread again. However, please use the proper forum next time. This is not a HowTo or a Guide.

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Very ogly realy, the have best map creating programm's and dont know how

make better maps. ncnc..... -.- i well the new worldeditor from ymir :(

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Ymir Entertainment was founded in 1999 in Seoul, Korea and 
is currently headed by Byoung Gwan Kim as CEO. The company 
started developing its first 2D online game Metin the same 
year it was founded. The game was commercially launched in 
Korea a year later and received a prize from the Korean 
                    Ministry of Information and Communication in December of the 
                    same year. Following the success of their flagship game Ymir 
                    Entertainment immediately started work on the game’s sequel 
                    Metin 2, which went into Closed Beta in Korea in May 2004. 
                    The game was officially launched in Korea and China in March 
                    2005 before being launched in Asia, Europe and North America 
                    in the years that followed. In January 2011 all of the company’s 
                    shares were bought by Webzen Inc., a Korean game giant known for 
                    their popular MMORPG, MU Online. The company was also awarded 
                    Gameforge’s Global Best Partner of the Year in 2011.
                    Source: https://mmos.com/publishers/ymir-entertainment
                    Thank you ymir 🙂 ❤️ and F*** you Gameforge, 2011 you ruined it.


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I sell the snow dungeon quest like Metin2DE from Karma2 with the c++ part for the metinstone,

which is only for shamans. pm for more inormations.

This is the easiest thing of the dungeon, since this is done in mob_proto. You don't really need to code anything to do this.

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when you return 0 and server doesn't boot:


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This is the easiest thing of the dungeon, since this is done in mob_proto. You don't really need to code anything to do this.


you make skilldamage with the c++ part, like DE



songs of the video please, is so amazing, this songs, lol.


i don't know, sry

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Hi, i tryed to implement the Snow Dungeon but when i teleport i only see is black screen.

Anyone know how to fix this issue?

The server files and client have the same warp coordinates.


ScriptType MapSetting
CellScale 200
HeightScale 0.500000
ViewRadius 256
MapSize 4 3
BasePosition 512000 153600
TextureSet texturesetmetin2_map_n_snow_dungeon_01.txt
Environment metin2_map_n_snow_dungeon_01.msenv
Note: Found the error, in atlasinfo inside locale_de and root the map wasn't there.
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