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[ Dead Download Link ] Sublime Text 3 Snippets for Metin2 v.1.0 [ We Need You ]


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Hello guys,

a few days ago ChuckNorris posted here a very usefull toll that highlighted metin2 functions, so i had an idea. I wanted a thing that helped us like in Java, vb and in other lenguages we can press cntrl + space and a list of existent functions appear, So that is what i created for sublime text 3.


Is still not finish i still ned to make some updates, but i have this help!


Here is a Print how it works:




You just need to write some letters of the function to appear this list that show you the available ones.


Select one


And then press tab


For example here i selected quest function (one i created be faster to create quest structures), and clicked tab:





So i hope you enjoy and make your work easier.


PS: One contradiction is that Sublime text 3 snippets do not support periods so when you are writing pc. or item. the list will disappear so you can only write pc and then the list will appear.






- To install this just drag the metin2 folder that is in the rar folder to:

C:UsersYourDirectorieAppDataRoamingSublime Text 3PackagesUser

If you find any bug please contact me.


Download : https://mega.co.nz/#!NtQ3wLaJ!1SPGUISPm1AmMuoRO1hyeZWB-7sipkkcBC3xvGuGhhs



- Make almost all descriptions for functions.



- Frozen


I hope you enjoy,

Kind Regards,






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