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[ Dead Download Link ] Windows Serverfiles by ThatGuyPT [ We Need You ]


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Erm, I was going to release an install script to make the symbolic linking so it would work with just a locale folder, basically you'd save much more space in disk. Anyways search the command mklink.




You got here how it works.



It's nice to see the work here, actually it's basically a compilation of work. I just removed the license check and done some other things (I think I added a BIND_IP: thing at the CONFIG to fix the Internal IP error so you can host it at your pc and your friends login without the sura launcher.

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what client can I use to connect to the server ? and if you can point me in the direction of a guide on how to make the client connect to my server I would be grateful thank you :).


Update: nevermind,solved my problems

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