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[Searching] Full and clean sv files & source code

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Hey :) I have Maxmi 4.1 fully unbugged with injection fixes and performance improvements. 0 bugs to entire source/binary/serverfiles and client. Here is a list of fixes that these files have:

  • Sql Injection fully fixed
  • P2P port fixed
  • Invisibility bug fixed
  • Wallhack auto block - auto ban
  • Safe zone attacks fixed
  • Level displayed above character's head is instantly changed on level-up
  • The attack value field in the C panel is updated instantly after activating a skill that gives attack value (Aura of the Sword, Red Possession, etc...)
  • Wolfman can run on his horse without problems (no sectree syserrs)
  • Tourmaline items can equipp stones properly
  • Belt slots fixed
  • Brighter and more colourfull effects for Wolfman skills
  • [NEW] Monster resistance/immunity to bleeding attacks
  • Blue Possession works on the entire party and has a purple color (not blue - default by Maxmi)
  • Mental warrior's buff + Blue Possession do not conflict (wonderful visual effect!)
  • All skills are included in the quest skill lists
  • Blue Possession does not consume SP/s (easy fix)
  • Item sell dialogue displays information about name and price of the item properly - fixed
  • Item special bonus items are activated!
  • Costumes cannot get special bonuses
  • "Bonuses have changed" message is disable for preventing personal chat spam on the use of switchbot
  • Wolfman armor (80-90 level) has a blue aura so like the other armors 80-90 level
  • Bonus page displays all bonus properly
  • Dragon stone refine takes only 2 dragon stones for creating the next
  • Bleeding is displayed properly on the character's body and bleeding icon is displayed normally (upper left corner with the rest of the buffs/debuffs)

And maybe some other micro fixes (I don't remember them right now :P)

So if anybody wants these files just cotact me they are not perfect but they save you from a lot of trouble :)

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