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Editing granny 2.8+ files



Hello guys,

For some time now I have been trying to edit some newer granny models,

and I failed with everything I tryed.

Blender, 3dmax 2008-2015, Nexus buddy 2.

Nexus buddy 2 not working for me for some reason.

First I converted the gr files to ms and smd with grnreader98, witch is great isn`t it?
Well not sure since... with ms (MaxScript) there is a little problem... I can load it into 3dsmax if it is (I assume) a small model... like I can import a standard horse, witch isn`t granny 2.8 or anything, its the original horse that metin2 always had, but I`m going for newer granny files.

I`m trying to load a model of Thor into 3dsmax with Maxscript
The MaxScript header:

fn create = (
temp = mesh numverts:12225 numfaces:17182
setNumTVerts temp 12225


This seems to be quite a large model, since the original metin2 mobs have like up to 600 numverts.

And when I try to load this into 3dsmax it crashes.

 I tried just loading the maxscript and then checking sections of the code for possible errors, and I found this error:
No ""setvert"" function for undefined, also otther functions not defined.

Also an error saying vertices out of range.


I also tryed using the smd importer, witch imports the model nicely into 3ds max, but for some reason its all black, like its not an object at all, I can convert it into an editable mesh and edit it 

how ever I want to, but when I export it back into gr2 its just empty space.

Black model

Empety space

Not sure, am I just missing something? or am I not even close?
Doing some wrong steps? 
It must be possible to edit them right?
Please any help will be wellcome.





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