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[Quest] showing on 1 server ingame but not other o.O



Hey, something really strange has happened. for some absurd reason one of my quests loads normally on one of my servers ( PVM one) and my other server the PVP ( virtually an exact replica other than shops etc) it doesn't load ingame.


by not loading ingame, i mean when i compile it, it should appear on X NPC and it doesn't on one server but does on the other?


sorry not sure how to explain it, the quests are exactly the same, i can't show a copy of the quest here due being linked in with a premium system.


There's no syserrs or any issues at all from what i can see :/

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it could be one of these:

1- it's not listed in locale_list ( not compiled ).

2- another quest has the same quest name of your quest .. EX: quest xxx begin

3- the quest compiler isn't compiling it. /qc xxx.quest >> log.txt

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Nope, complies, is in locale_list, no duplicate names. I changed the name to make sure.


the strange thing is that it just doesn't show up ingame when i reload on the first server but if i put it on my other it goes in fine o.O. oh well stupid no idea what it is ill just backup the database then move the SF over.

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no syserr, no visible errors. anyway, fixed it by just backing up the database files then transferring the SF from my other working vps and replacing the DB with the original. no idea what caused it.

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