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Well, since all they are providing will give a grain of sand wing cause with something that will be useful to many. 
1 - first of all you must make a copy of a customer to edit and compile then let alone would replace the edited files. 
here in the forum there is already a program like this, the version that is a more advanced publishes the public is 2.3 and 2.5 that publishes them, the difference is that in the ay before the hide files not many left in 100% good with this version you can rest assured that everything will be well kept, and the former gave some errors and not always well kept. 
comes with the crack to use it without any problems. 
and protection so you do not take it out to put in removing the root of your client files. py. pyc ...... ETC. 
Well now as it will use? because very simple install all used the crack and started our Molebox and we will follows.

In the first line we find our client launcher bone ours. Exe and add ay. 
then in the second we put our executable 2. exe, and then edit it as we wish to be called when files are saved. 
the default creates the new launcher (. exe). 
we should have it as well.
after we're done this where it says
Add File
and we will thus:
this is the important part, here we headed wing folder pack (where we find important files) then elijaremos the files you want to save us. exe in my case I'll add some. eix (why choose these?) simply if you keep all the heavy launcher will be delayed so long to read then I recommend saving all the good eix selected and we MUST appear so.:

as select few to see the guide but you can choose all. eix you have. 
Good now let's keep going and to where it says.
Pack To Box
and run the saved file:
and the default launcher is created at the root of our client:

do good and then delete the. eix that elejimos to save our launcher, and run effectively and will serve without. eix to delete. 
2 - The protection here I leave the py, what we save as engelle.py and make a import in prototype.py.
import engelle
if Datei.find('.py') != -1:


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