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  1. No offense, but I find this tutorial very inaccurate, you can get very confused .. If you had the time it would be nice if you shared the .cpp / .h files that are already edited, I think a lot of people would be grateful and there would be no questions
  2. What in this case? return true; or return false; ? File: PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp
  3. Where is true in packet_info.cpp I get errors. For example: packet_info.cpp:210:71: error: no matching function for call to 'CPacketInfoCG::Set(<unnamed enum>, unsigned int, const char [9], bool)' Set(HEADER_CG_TIME_SYNC, sizeof(TPacketCGHandshake), "TimeSync", true);
  4. Hi! Yes, at the very beginning with the code work I added this fix for rendering with minimized window, so I just changed back from true to false and the problem is gone! I don't know what it had to do with this problem not appearing on Debug, but the problem can be considered solved, thank you very much for the hint!
  5. I do not have d3d8.dll in the game folder, nor in the Source Client. PS: PS: As I said, on other servers (also those where Clienta starts as Administrator) there is no this problem
  6. EDIT: I noticed that this event only appears when I run any AS ADMINISTRATOR application. Whether it's metin or not, if I enable anything as administrator, my Client metin2 closes. Additionally, while debugging the Client according to the Martysama tutorial, I registered these "bugs". (Before I did not know that it is possible to debug the release or distribution version in live visual studio at all, in the post above there was no Martysama tutorial, only "Attach to Process".) I compared all lines with sources that do not have this problem and of course everything is 1: 1 ...
  7. But what do you mean exactly? There is no such problem on the application in the debug version (Metin2Dev_Debug.exe).
  8. No, I didn't add this system. PS: I have this error from the beginning (it was also on the clean source), but only now I figured out how to trigger it. Edit: As for the Debug bin this problem does not occur, in Visual Studio I chose "Attach in Process" for the first Client and when trying to start the next Client, the former crashed, and Visual Studio showed just the following about d3d8. Does anyone know what this might be? I compared the Extern directory with other sources and everything is 1: 1 ...
  9. This problem does not occur when debugging.
  10. Hello, I have a problem. I turn on the game, log in, minimize the Client and when I try to turn on the next Client, the first Client automatically turns off. Syserr i i Syslog - 0. This is not the problem for sure as I checked it (and have it done) [Hidden Content] I only get ErrorLog, which is ALMOST the same as when I normally shut down the Client, but with a difference, it also points to some problem with directx. Has anyone had a similar problem? (PS: Sorry, but I'm using translator.) PS: This only happens with my server, there is no problem on other servers.
  11. Instead: if( !m_pCSHybridCryptPolicy->DecryptMemory(std::string(filename), static_cast<const BYTE*>(*data), index->data_size, *zObj) ) I have it 2x: if( !m_pCSHybridCryptPolicy->DecryptMemory(string(filename), static_cast<const BYTE*>(*data), index->data_size, *zObj) ) Instead: if( !m_pCSHybridCryptPolicy->GetSupplementaryDataBlock(std::string(filename), pSDBData, iSDBSize) ) I have it 2x: if( !m_pCSHybridCryptPolicy->GetSupplementaryDataBlock(string(filename), pSDBData, iSDBSize) ) and 1x: if( !m_pCSHybridCryptPolicy->GetSupplementaryDataBlock(string(index->filename), pSDBData, iSDBSize) ) This: else if (COMPRESSED_TYPE_PANAMA == index->compressed_type) { CLZObject * zObj = new CLZObject; __Decrypt_Panama(filename, static_cast<const BYTE*>(*data), index->data_size, *zObj); out_file.BindLZObjectWithBufferedSize(zObj); *data = zObj->GetBuffer(); } I have it 2x. So how do you add it correctly? Under every found?
  12. it's not sorting, it's stacking
  13. int analyze_protect; int analyze_protect_count; where do I add to in char.h?
  14. Personally, I recommend it to "beginners" GCC7. Fewer complications compared to Clang.

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