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[SYSERR] Server Problem



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Hi metindev users,


i don't know if this is the correct section to post this, @Shogun should create a "Problem" section.


Okay, i'll describe the error.



SYSERR: Mar 23 15:42:28.342562 :: pid_init: 
Start of pid: 995
SYSERR: Mar 23 15:44:34.938771 :: LoadSkillMotion: Motion: Skill exist but no motion data for index 0 mob 3596 skill 257
SYSERR: Mar 23 15:44:34.939156 :: LoadSkillMotion: Motion: Skill exist but no motion data for index 1 mob 3596 skill 258
SYSERR: Mar 23 15:44:35.461587 :: heart_idle: losing 125 seconds. (lag occured)
SYSERR: Mar 23 15:44:38.64475 :: socket_connect: HOST, could not connect.


SYSERR: Mar 23 15:42:24 :: pid_init: 
Start of pid: 989
SYSERR: Mar 23 15:42:24 :: Start: TABLE_POSTFIX not configured use default
SYSERR: Mar 23 15:44:07 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 22

14099 is the game99 p2p port.



Practically i'm going to start my server normally, and all is okay, if i try to login, he stays to "connecting..."

Syserr say only that 2 errors, so i try to put "ps" in the shell and i can see one "./game" process missing, probably the game99's.


If i write "top" after, i can see game process occupying more than 40.00% CPU increasing second after second.


After some minutes the server outputs a "connection refused" and if i write "ps" after that i can see the ./game missing process is turned online, if i write "top" the game process's cpu is decresing till 4.00-5.00% CPU , and if i try to login the server is online perfectly.


I just want to know why..i am pretty sure that solving that fdwatch process all will turn back normally, i hate fdwatch errors, the only serveside error i could't solve in my server-programming life.

I know only they go by ident 19 to ident 45, every ident has a different error cause AND THEY NOT SPECIFY WHAT IS THE CAUSE.

So i can't solve them, i beg someone with serversource to translate all idents..

He will be my god.



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