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Metin2 Arbana

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File Name: Metin2 Arbana

File Submitter: Cry

File Submitted: 03 Feb 2014

File Category: Maps

I have completed this map and I would like to share it with you. It's 3x3 and conceived for farmers.‏
You should know how to implement it, if you don't just ask and I can make a tutorial.‏

Please do not release this without my permission elsewhere as it's only for CP-Community and metin2dev, if
I see it on elitepvpers I will ask for it to be deleted.

I hope you like the map, if you find any bug or similar let me know and I will fix it.



Click here to download this file

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thank you Shogun, this is not the best Map, but i have you as Teacher

the Coming Maps well be much better.

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just.. wtf.. beautiful


in my opinion better than most of the ymir maps

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Dude can you explain how can we install this map for our servers?



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write the map in the atlasinfo.txt in root.eix/epk and locale_en.eix/epk

after that, write the map in filezilla





EDIT: after installing it, i have to say, it's a very very beautiful map,

it's a perfekt farm map



some pictures of the things, i like on this map







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3:22 , name of this "tune" pls ;c ?

 You can Vote on Youtube^^

and the Tune is from another online game xD!.... i dont know

i can upload it next time



#Part 2 coming on 17:00 when we have 20 Votes <3 

because I do not want I'll do everything for free , and I will also see if it's worth it .

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Part 3 is finished, release date is 9.11

(3 New Bridges)


Loading Picture:




Part 3 target Likes / Votes 20.

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