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Extend Stack Items - stuck under 250 still



Hello devs,


First of all using martysama serverfiles,

I just added the  extend-stack-items feature, but i seem to have a problem. 

i added the system fully and verified it again.

I've set the ITEM_MAX_COUNT to 1000

But whatever i do, i get 232 stacks max and the items continue to stack and dissapear up to 232, so i am still in the Byte  Limitation segment with the stacks.

In every channel config file i have ITEM_COUNT_LIMIT by default.

What i have tried:

1.1 If i comment the ITEM_COUNT_LIMIT, i have the limit of only 200 stacks.

1.2 If i change from ITEM_COUNT_LIMIT to ITEM_MAX_COUNT , the item max count is not getting called, it is like commenting the item_count_limit, so i am stuck at 200 again.


in game/config.cpp i have:

BYTE    g_bItemCountLimit = 200;

and no Item_max_count


Tried changing from BYTE    g_bItemCountLimit = 200; to WORD g_bItemCountLimit = 1000; and i can't compile it anymore.

Any ideas? Thank you!

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