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Afk farming fix



In almost every single metin2, a way to afk farm is to press space and then go to another window and it just keeps atacking without being in the client.
I've noticed that some metin2 private servers found a way around it.

Do you guys know how to do it by chance?


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well you'd just make a check if the window is focused and if not, then release all pressed keys. This could be done in the OnUpdate of game.py

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Vanilla's solution is a good way to deal with the problem.


On the other hand, if you're not a programmer and still want to fix the issue, then I can help you.


If you press space and unfocus the window, you're unable to use any macros or key inputs in that window, since it's not focused. Which means the player is stuck attacking and can't do anything else.


Using non-aggressive monsters (so you're forced to aggro them using the mantle) and spawning the metins and bosses in random spots (so you're forced to look for them or at least focus them if they're distant) fixes the issue, the player gains nothing that way.


If you don't like that, then setting up the bosses/metins/monsters to be difficult enough so a certain degree of attention is required from the player in order to kill them is another good solution.

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