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Stealth / Invisible (Ninja / GM) Collision

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Today i will show you how can you stop the collision while a player is Invisible (GM Command or Ninja Stealth Skill).



File: InstanceBaseBattle.cpp
	BOOL CInstanceBase::CheckAdvancing()

Search for:
	if (rkActorSelf.TestActorCollision(rkActorEach))

For those who use Marty Source:

	Add above:
		CInstanceBase * pkInstBase = CPythonCharacterManager::Instance().GetInstancePtr(rkActorEach.GetVirtualID());

		if (pkInstBase)
			if (pkInstBase->HasAffect(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY) && !__MainCanSeeHiddenThing() ||
				pkInstBase->HasAffect(AFFECT_EUNHYEONG) && !__MainCanSeeHiddenThing())

	Add above:
		CInstanceBase * pkInstBase = CPythonCharacterManager::Instance().GetInstancePtr(rkActorEach.GetVirtualID());

		if (pkInstBase)
			if (pkInstBase->HasAffect(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY) || pkInstBase->HasAffect(AFFECT_EUNHYEONG))


For those who don't have the HasAffect function:

File: InstanceBaseEffect.cpp

Add the function somewhere:
	int CInstanceBase::HasAffect(DWORD dwIndex)
		if (dwIndex >= AFFECT_NUM)
			return 0;

		return m_adwCRCAffectEffect[dwIndex];

File: InstanceBase.h

Search for:
	void __ClearAffects();

Add above:
	int	HasAffect(DWORD dwIndex);


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