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Mouse Wheel Scrolling UI Event

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Hey guys,

I needed to be able to scroll on the ui with the mouse wheel and I thought it will be useful for others too so here's what to do.






virtual BOOL	OnMouseWheel(int nLen);


after like


virtual BOOL	OnMouseMiddleButtonUp();


In PythonWindow.cpp add the following function:


BOOL CWindow::OnMouseWheel(int nLen)
  long lValue;
  return PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_poHandler, "OnMouseWheel", Py_BuildValue("(i)", nLen), &lValue) && 0 != lValue;


In PythonWindowManager.h add


bool		RunMouseWheel(int nLen);


after like


void		RunMouseMiddleButtonUp(long x, long y);


In PythonWindowManager.cpp add the definition somewhere:


bool CWindowManager::RunMouseWheel(int nLen)
  CWindow* pWin = GetPointWindow();
  while (pWin)
    if (pWin->OnMouseWheel(nLen))
      return true;
    pWin = pWin->GetParent();
  return false;



In PythonApplicationEvent.cpp override the following function:


void CPythonApplication::OnMouseWheel(int nLen)
	UI::CWindowManager& rkWndMgr = UI::CWindowManager::Instance();
	if (!rkWndMgr.RunMouseWheel(nLen))
		CCameraManager& rkCmrMgr = CCameraManager::Instance();
		if (CCamera* pkCmrCur = rkCmrMgr.GetCurrentCamera())


Then root/ui.py and find ScrollBar class and add this function to it:


def OnMouseWheel(self, nLen):
		if nLen > 0:
			return True
		elif nLen < 0:
			return True
		return False


But you can use OnMouseWheel everywhere to listen to scrolling.


Good luck!

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