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Posted (edited)

Version of Files XXX


1. Description of the problem / Question :

It's related with the value of the bonuses.


2. SysErr ( Client / Server ) / SysLog ( Server )

0504 13:29:22247 :: Traceback (most recent call last):

0504 13:29:22247 ::   File "game.py", line 742, in BINARY_NEW_AddAffect

0504 13:29:22247 ::   File "uiAffectShower.py", line 513, in BINARY_NEW_AddAffect

0504 13:29:22247 ::   File "localeInfo.py", line 137, in f

0504 13:29:22247 :: TypeError
0504 13:29:22247 :: : 
0504 13:29:22247 :: not all arguments converted during string formatting
0504 13:29:22247 ::



3. How to reproduce it ?

This error is appears in syserr only when I'm moving my mouse over items.


4. Screenshots ?

def SA(text):
    def f(x):
        return text % x
    return f


If I'm leaving it in this way " return text % x", it's alright, no problems with the bonuses, but the error appears in syserr, but if I edit it in this way "return text + "%d" % x" for example, the error disappears, but:





game.py https://pastebin.com/w9ZFLwz3

uiaffectshower.py https://pastebin.com/xe9H9n5h

localeinfo.py: https://pastebin.com/VRjvn5Zh






Thanks, Sincerly,


Edited by CristianDragan
correct (see edit history)
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