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Homepage: https://lysium2.eu




Buna ziua / seara, dorim ca echipa server-ului nostru să se extindă, așa că ne dorim să angajăm persoane care se ocupă de îmbunătățirea server-lui, noi oferim următoarele lucruri :
    - Discreție totală (dacă este nevoie).
    - Comunitate prietenoasă și deschisă la minte.
    - Un proiect solid.
    - Plată Bună.
Discutăm mai multe detalii printr-un mesaj privat pe forum.





Wir möchten unseren Server erweitern, daher suchen wir nach Leuten, die lust haben den Server zu verbessern. Wir bieten Folgendes:
    - Volle Diskretion (falls erforderlich).
    - Freundliche und aufgeschlossene Gemeinschaft.
    - Ein solides Projekt.
    - Gute Bezahlung.

Weitere Details diskutieren wir in einer privaten Nachricht im Forum.





Hello, we want to expand our server, so we are searching for people who can improving / fixing the server, we offer the following:
- Full discretion (if necessary).
- Friendly and open minded community.
- A solid project.
- Good payment.

We discuss more details in a private message on the forum.




Salve, ci teniamo ad annunciarvi che vogliamo espandere il nostro server e dunque siamo alla ricerca di personale che possa migliorare e fixare il server, ecco cosa vi offriamo e quali sono gli accordi:
- Completa discrezione. (se necessario)
- Una community amichevole e soprattutto aperta a tutto.
- Un progetto solido.
- Ottima retribuzione.

Per chi volesse maggiori informazioni può inviare un messaggio privato nel forum.




Olá, gostaríamos de anunciar que queremos expandir o nosso servidor e, portanto, estamos procurando uma equipe que possa melhorar e corrigir o servidor. Aqui está o que oferecemos e quais são os acordos:
- Discrição completa. (Se necessário)
- Uma comunidade amigável e acima de tudo aberta a todas as idéias.
- Um projeto sólido.
- Excelente salário.

Para aqueles que desejam mais informações podem enviar uma mensagem privada no fórum.




Merhaba, Serverımızı daha da genişletmek istiyoruz ve bu yüzden serverımızın geliştirme/düzeltme ekibine yeni ekip arkadaşları arıyoruz.Bu arkadaşlara tekliflerimiz:
- Tam gizlilik (Gerektiği takdirde).
- Arkadaş canlısı ve açık fikirli ekip imkanı.
- Mükemmel bir proje.
- İyi bir ödeme.

Detaylar mesaj aracılığıyla forum üzerinden görüşülecektir.


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One advice:

Some of the big servers did the same mistake like you, making a topic in forum for search a 'dev' and a lot of 'devs' tried to apply for position, the funny fact is that they didn't received any test for showing their experience in programming, the 'interview' was based on words, sending files and bullshits praise of self.

If you want to find a capable guy to be one of your developer, then you need to have another good guy to give him a test in a specific language of what you need.

The interview should be based on general knowledge of programming, not to do a small shit system where he can do copy-paste of existing functions from public systems. If he can't do an specific algorithm (to see his logic/mindset) in a live interview, then he's not your man.

If you don't take my advice then you'll have the same destiny as Aeldra/SG and more..(recently), they added some retard 'devs' and they fucked up their server, then they was thrown out and remained with all of their resources.

Be careful, metin2 scene is full of bullshit in 2019, now everybody is a developer, there exists so many public/leaked resources which they can take the idea/structure/code and add/change something and put it to sell and voila, let's do a topic in coding category and a website and make money from nothing.

There're very few people right now which are good but you'll not see them to work for you, because if they're smart enough and have solid experience, they can do a lot of money alone, i don't think you can pay for how much they deserve and also most of the time, they're not available.

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Yes, we are aware of everything, i heard / see this with my eyes on aeldra server, everyone got a "test" but it's not enough, it's not a simple system or a difficulty one.

Nothing it's hard in this days, everyone can learn the basics of c++, python etc, but we don't search people to "fix" bugs for us, we searching people to create custom systems on their source, not ours, optimize actual systems if it's needed. 

After it's completed they will join into a remote app and will install, yes, we know the remote apps are a pain in the ass and nobody want to use it, but in this point, we trust people, we are friendly staff, but we cannot risk someone to leak our private work.

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43 minutes ago, ManiacRobert said:

we don't search people to "fix" bugs for us, we searching people to create custom systems on their source

6 hours ago, Lysium said:

Hello, we want to expand our server, so we are searching for people who can improving / fixing the server

I think i'm tired or there's something wrong with what're you searching?
At least a developer has access to a part of source, what you want is an collaborator, different term.
There was guys smarter and they still suffered, just have careful, even if he's an collaborator, he still can fuck the server, was a friendly advice, just take it right, that's all.

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I 100% agree with what VegaS said.

I might be biased in saying this, but it's far better to pay someone to fix your issue, although it might be a bit more expensive, rather than having to monthly pay a random guy that doesn't actually do anything other than bless you with their presence and also puts the security of your server in danger.

That way you can be far more certain that they'll do the job quite fine and they don't have to be involved in the project itself. Also, they won't have access to your server so you can keep it safe.


My suggestion:

Build a server with trusted people as Founders, with a fair budget, and 1-2 trusted generic developers for generic issues. Then, make a list of trusted public developers that are specialized in different things and if you've got issues use part of the money you gain to "hire" them to solve those issues.

This might be the most efficient way to deal with it.

"Trust no one in life, let alone Metin2 users in 2019."

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