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[ Dead Download Link ] [Interface] Loong By Mr Troll [ We Need You ]


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How to put it in your client:


Go to your Client, in the main directory you will find a folder named "lib", check out this folder and copy all of the inside of the lib folder into that directory.


After that, you need to switch to your "pack" folder, in there you have to add the files from the archive you have just downloaded (Pack).


Then you have to rename the locale_en to your locale (in my case it's locale_de).


After that, you need to add "Troll_works" to your Index file, which is inside the "pack" folder.


To do so, easily open up the file and after the sequence "PACK", simply press enter so you'll get a new line right under "PACK".




^- This can you copy & paste there. 


After that, you may need to change your IP again in root.epk/eix and your client window name, but these options won't be a big problem ;)




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You just need to unzip the archive into your base directory.


After that, open up your pack folder, in which you can see a file called "Index".


Open that file with Notepad++ or similar text editors and make a new line, where you're going to write the following into:


After that step, you may correct your server details in root.epk/eix.


If any questions show up, don't hesitate to ask.

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I am pretty new to this stuff, but I have followed all your steps and I get blackscreen on Login and I am unable to login. Using Invoice Client/Serverfiles.(I have replaced IP in the serverinfo.py)

Best regards, Sonitex


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