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Metin2 and Cython?



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Hey Guys i just want to ask you how you think about metin2 and cython.

Should it get used or are u against it? Its just a short question but i just

want to know how other people think about the function that metin´s root can

get cythonized.

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The main disadvantage I see is harder testing (the generated modules take a bit to compile) and the increased binary file size, which players will have to download every time you want to change anything on python. Besides that, well, you gain (a little) in speed and in protection.


The harder testing can be countered by keeping separate binaries and just making normal root packs for testing, and the increased size can be largely reduced by packing the executable, to around 3 MB.


So I'd say it's a win.



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Yes. Cython is good protection for script ripping and good protection for noobs, but if you want cythonize all modules it can be little problem.

Why do u think it would be a problem if all modules get cythonized? I cythonized the fully root and i dont get any problems.

Or which modules u mean?

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0606 12:50:33042 :: importing from lib game
0606 12:50:33045 :: SYSERR: Traceback (most recent call last):

0606 12:50:33045 :: SYSERR:   File "networkModule.py", line 237, in SetGamePhase

0606 12:50:33045 :: SYSERR:   File "system.py", line 137, in __pack_import

0606 12:50:33046 :: SYSERR:   File "game.py", line 1, in init game (game.c:60738)

0606 12:50:33046 :: SYSERR: TypeError
0606 12:50:33046 :: SYSERR: : 
0606 12:50:33046 :: SYSERR: __pack_import() takes at most 4 arguments (5 given)
0606 12:50:33047 :: SYSERR: 

It's my problem. I think __pack_import() is still required for some scripts such as npclist.

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