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  1. Hey folks, In this thread I wanna present you a perhaps already known tool I built in 2017 which was improved over the years since then. Many projects already used/using it and now I wanna give everybody the possibility to improve your servers presentation in each and every board. Like many of you I was confronted with the problem having a server presentation in multiple languages and had to put all the images in spoilers for different target group. Depending on how spoilers, or images in them are pre-loaded, this not only makes the pages load heavy, it also runs in the pro
  2. Hey @all after some servers asked me to be more like the official wiki (in style) I started to adapt and implement some new features to the wiki back- & frontend to get the results like wanted! As an example I implemented an extended Item-List overview and some performance improvements coming with that! Just check it out and remember: It is a DEMO (style is not set to stone) and some data could be missing or not be shown (cause of non existing maps for example) Metin2 Wiki DEMO have fun exploring it Kind regards
  3. Service is still up2date after some performance optimizations, I've nearly completed the dark mode theme & finished some ideas I had here a small look into the admin area: some changes for item output: here some screens of the commentary system (full BB Code support + own internal [item] & [monster] Tag)
  4. Discord API Bot is on it's way :'D
  5. ehm... there is an option for server specific (hardcoded) changes or additional files. So if u created u'r own drop file/system, it's a work of ~5min to implement
  6. Hey @all, A view weeks ago I started to create a V2 of my old Wiki Environment. (It is a monthly payed service, hosted on my own servers) Current features (not detailed): Full Monster/Item Data Displaying Multi-Language System Searching for Monsters/Items Writing Guides (with Monster/Item association) Commentary-System like Reddit (every comment can be commented recursivly) API Login via currently visiting M2-Servers login (no extra registration) (Optional) 3D Peview of all Objects (have to be converted from gr2 into any WebGL compatible for
  7. lol sry @all but try this Go to char.cpp (serverside) there u have your "INSERT" Query // Insert char szQuery2[512]; snprintf(szQuery2, sizeof(szQuery2), "INSERT INTO %soffline_shop_npc(owner_id, sign, name, time, x, y, z, mapIndex, channel) VALUES(%u, '%s', '%s', %d, %ld, %ld, %ld, %ld, %d)", get_table_postfix(), GetPlayerID(), c_pszSign, GetName(), iTime, GetX(), GetY(), GetZ(), GetMapIndex(), g_bChannel); DBManager::Instance().DirectQuery(szQuery2); replace it with: // Insert char szSign2[SHOP_SIGN_MAX_LEN+1]; DBManager::instance().Esc
  8. It looks nice But u have to be careful, cause of Copyright of Nintendo... If you (perhaps) remember, some months ago, someone started a project on kickstarter, for a Minecraft movie! Notch stopped this project after a few hours....!
  9. #updated: added "darkstat" as traffic monitor
  10. Try this: env | grep -i shell the output should be: SHELL=/bin/csh But the default output (for normal useres) is: SHELL=/bin/sh Execute this in command line: chsh -s /bin/csh And the prompt will change after su or relogg on the user Like this:
  11. Here I found the complete lib archive on my server: http://tv1.luki4fun.net/M2/64bit_libs.tgz Just download and extract it in your lib folder (on i386 I thought it was in /lib) cd /lib fetch http://tv1.luki4fun.net/M2/64bit_libs.tgz tar xzvf 64bit_libs.tgz rm 64bit_libs.tgz
  12. Try this: http://www.file-upload.net/download-8714855/libz.so.4.html
  13. I thought, this are the basics you should know if you work with the command line...! You can use almost everything on linux systems, too (some even on windows) If someone have a command, or an other question, how he/she can do anything with command line, I'll in the future add commands and/or ways how to do or deal with it #Edit: Thanks, my mistake, edited it
  14. My mind is run away a few years ago... sry!

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