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  1. 1. possible solution: if you have disk or DVD rom with name (D:) just rename it. 2. possible solution - downgrade graphics drivers
  2. i can sell you solution for 5 euro.
  3. Can you post screen of items in database? After reboot. Primary "window"
  4. Guys what are you talking about? Its just for make you smile, any new exploit not exists ?
  5. Change the logic and DO NOT USE DROPS VIA QUEST.
  6. flexio

    CH3HP DDoS

    ch3hp is dead meme
  7. For me lags happend when was 100+ players in view distance. Example delays for equip items. Edit from screen fix problem. And right, packet encryption primary changes auth/loading screen speed
  8. Primary problem with lags is in packet delay- I fixed it by disable packet encryption and little change in void CPythonNetworkStream::GamePhase() *inspired by martysama*
  9. About server performance. You don't need anything big, server is ready for X thousand players by default. Just do not be paranoid about perfomance things. I use novaline only with rewrited select querys to smart pointers, and updated boost. Tested with 2500+ online players without problem (i7-6700, freebsd 12, 32GB RAM, 6 channels). About client perfomance. First - Do not touch ymir texture files, Second - Do not use a lot of trees and objects on the map, Three - Be a good c++ programmer for rewrite some things (btw. i am not).
  10. I use this method in all dungeons(include devil tower) +- 2 months without any problem. only with one more dit.
  11. Fixed { // make when argument ostringstream os; while (lexstate.lookahead.token == '.') { next(&lexstate); os << '.'; next(&lexstate); t = lexstate.t; //if (t.token == TK_STRING) //t.token = TK_NAME; os << t; lookahead(&lexstate); } current_when_argument += os.str(); change to { // make when argument ostringstream os; while (lexstate.lookahe
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