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  1. Dear community... I have a question for you, guys... I want to create a brand new box for my server, but i dont know what is: type, subtype, etc... so if i want to create a BOX, and i need to do something with it.... give the "type" value, and this things, right? i have a pic what i mean : imgur pic I want to know what is type and this things, and what i need to set the values for... (if i create a box, i need to set "what i need to set", and "what i need to set" for a weapon or something.) My fking brain is slow rn, sorry for my english xD I hope u guys understand what i mean Thanks for helps!
  2. Hello! First of all: I have bad english. So... I want to make a metin2 server, and i want to work from source. (im new in this) I got my server source, and client source(from hosting), and i can join to my server. Its a full default server source and client. Two inventory, and without systems, etc.... I want to do a 4 inventory, and i can do it from forumes and etc. So my problem is: What the heck i need to do, if i edited the server and client source (ofc, from client source i need to create an .EXE)??? I have FTP, MYSQL and PUTTY acces! What to do with my edited source? Where i need to upload my files? Or What i need to do? Please help, i really want to understand this. Have a nice days, guys.
  3. @IonutRO Really thank for that !!!
  4. Thanks for answer @Nevisor Now i have an another bug.... Imgur pic (look at the slot bar )
  5. my clien is instantly close when i log in. my syserr.txt 0624 00:23:07457 :: networkModule.py(line:208) SetSelectCharacterPhase system.py(line:130) __pack_import system.py(line:110) _process_result introSelect.py(line:30) <module> system.py(line:130) __pack_import system.py(line:110) _process_result interfaceModule.py(line:10) <module> system.py(line:130) __pack_import networkModule.SetSelectCharacterPhase - <type 'exceptions.IndentationError'>:unexpected indent (uiTaskBar.py, line 437) 0624 00:23:07457 :: ============================================================================================================ 0624 00:23:07457 :: Abort!!!!
  6. Hello Everyone. I looking for this "idonno what is this" thing. I saw a picture about this. I link this picture. imgur picture And my horrible english. Thanks for help.
  7. Hello! Segítenél beállítani a patchert? Ehhez egyáltalán nem értek. :/
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