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  1. SOLVED! Dont use EVER eternexus. Cant compress corretly some stuffs. Use this: If you need help, how to install, i can help you.
  2. i only edited this part, which is removed the #else. and its working for me im not a coder, but its working. so im happy with that. Thanks for the whole post!
  3. Hello. I have a very huge bug, with plechi's mushroom dungeon. When i add the mushroom stuffs to property, my house models and every objects are invisible. https://gyazo.com/c9e6d61aee51f8698aa6a815e8e9d3f3 (link how is it looks like) When i overwrite the property with my clear property, everything is good. Btw, if i add the bugged propertys, the whole dungeon is working 100% some lines from my syserr: 0419 14:51:18463 :: CArea::LoadObject Property(3689520799) Load ERROR 0419 14:51:18463 :: CArea::LoadObject Property(3748653682) L
  4. EVERYONE Who have the same problem like me: in the this function: void CActorInstance::__ProcessDataAttackSuccess(const NRaceData::TAttackData & c_rAttackData, CActorInstance & rVictim, const D3DXVECTOR3 & c_rv3Position, UINT uiSkill, BOOL isSendPacket) Delete the #else part! like this:
  5. did you deleted the item_shop from sql?
  6. thanks for aswer! I added it, but nohing happened checked everyhing, but didnt find any strange looking part, so i dont know what is the problem :S Any idea?:/ https://gyazo.com/ecaeba5a7edff6c891feaec775e9ec4e
  7. for me its not working. Build was success, and no errors ofc. but my shaman attack is the same. can you help me @Ikarus_?
  8. Hello. I have an error in target info system My problem is: the max hp of every mob, doesnt show up, only write "0" https://gyazo.com/4865640bdbbbe68bd1400c97ec29e194 Where should i search for the error?:s The race, experience is bugged too.... Ulthar.
  9. Hello! I have problem with zenu's instant pickup release. When i call more than 4 ork boss, they dropping items and yangs ofc, but when i press a single "0" and only 1-3 items or yangs close to me, i get kicked. Doesnt matter how many yang or item close to me, i getting kicked always syserr empty.. :s
  10. It telling me so much error while i compile it... https://gyazo.com/bbeb3bbed274db0e3ca4c5d70c973a69
  11. hello! I want to know what is the problem with my targeinfo system, cuz everying was builded fine, and syserr clear. My problem is: When i click on the (?) button, i see this: lick for pic. So the item drops is nowhere. I tried a lot of mobs, metins, i rechecked the root folder's .py stuffs, but i didnt found anything. So where should i search for the problem ? Thanks for help, Ulthar. SOLVED!!!!!!!!! If you expreienced the same problem, input_main.cpp search for this: case HEADER_CG_XTRAP_ACK: { T
  12. Hello. With "sh start.sh" command the server is running fine. I edited every IP and PORT in my own client, and on MySQL too. (auth, ch1 core1-2, ch99). In "/var/db" mysql changed, and i can connect to it. Running it from a VPS. I have a website, and its running too. Telling me, ch1 is running, DB is running. But, i cant connect to the server.(telling me: failed to connect to server.) Any help would be nice! Ulthar. (Sorry for posting it before to wrong forum.)
  13. i cannot see the pictures. Anyway ,thanks for this comment. I sent you friend request.
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