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  1. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Here I post the GitHub of the owner of Heavenly Hope file. Most of system are unfinished, bad coded, and I think that the better use to this file is take system and modify it, NOT start server with this file. "This project is not finish, you can use this project for optimize your project. You can also update this project by forking it for help me and every other peoples who want to make a server. This project is free to use and cannot be sell for money. I don't take any responsability of selling or bugs or i
  2. Is possible make dynamic object? Like elevators or flying platforms?
  3. Umh I thank you for the answer, but what interested me was just the case where a player's level was higher than that of a monster. In fact, when you do a boss event, several bosses of different levels are spawned. That way I just wanted to prevent larger levels from take bosses to the smallest levels. About the opposite, who care. If you want attack op boss your problem. Btw it's a code that I wrote fast, I don't know if you need to Insert the trigg for ATTR_BANPK. Tomorrow I'll watch it better.
  4. This little code let you not attack mob if difference between you level and mob lever is over 15 //Battle.cpp //in bool battle_is_attackable(LPCHARACTER ch, LPCHARACTER victim) search: if (victim->IsDead()) return false; //Add Under: if (!(victim->IsPC())) { if (ch->GetLevel() - victim->GetLevel() > 15) { return false; } } GitHub
  5. Does Anyone have this bug when weapon is render on reder target? https://imgur.com/FWKnZcX
  6. Update: Add Client Fix. This Fix let player use skil/buff only into the ring square
  7. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Before: https://imgur.com/7Z3Iwux After: https://imgur.com/c632MpQ Fix List -Fix Ring mdattr. -Fix Block attr. -Fix BanPk attr. Fix C++ //On UserInterface/InstanceBase.cpp //In bool CInstanceBase::CanUseSkill() search: return true; //Add above: #ifdef ENABLE_FIX_MAP_DUEL_SKILL CPythonBackground& rkBG = CPythonBackground::Instance(); const D3DXVECTOR3& rv3Position = m_GraphicThingInstance.GetPosition(); D3DXVECTOR3 v3CheckPosition = r
  8. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello, Here I post a little work that I made.
  9. Thanks. Yes I've fix it on my files but not on github and m2dev :V Fixed now.
  10. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Download Here ( GitHub ) Maybe it's not a great thing now, but I think that it can be intersting so i post it. Special thanks to @Finnis
  11. Awesome System!! Here Metin2 Acce with animation Mega Download Download Here ( Mega )
  12. yes, I knew this was going to create some "philosophical problem" about this monster. They asked me to do those fixes (which for some are features) and I posted them. For someone they can be fix, for others features.. I already knew this. However I wanted to share this content.
  13. The Desert Turtle presents several Problems: 1) He always teleports on you throughout the desert map, you have no way of escaping him. 2)Sometimes the animation freezes. 3) Can only be attacked by the Greatsword. 1) Its cause is to be found in the server sources: On src_server/game/src/char_state.cpp: //Search: if (GetRaceNum() == 2191 && number(1, 20) == 1 && get_dword_time() - m_pkMobInst->m_dwLastWarpTime > 1000) { float fx, fy; GetDeltaByDegree(victim->GetRotation(), 400, &fx, &fy); long new_x = victim->G
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