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  1. I try This and have this error: compile char.cpp char.cpp: In member function 'void CHARACTER::OpenShop(DWORD, const char*, bool)': char.cpp:8086: error: request for member 'reset' in 'pkMsg', which is of non-class type 'SQLMsg*' char.cpp:8086: error: 'nullptr' was not declared in this scope
  2. The only things that you can do, is create a new texture with the color that you want. Changing mob color, you apply a color filter into the texture so you fking alpha
  3. 4 Mob Video Map Here Videos
  4. This happened because on 3ds max you should export when your weapon is on frontal view. Not at the top, bottom, back, etc. ... Only front. After this, you can export.
  5. If no one create this yet(for all class I mean), I can release it.
  6. Hello! Here I post the download of Black Samurai and Straw Hat Rework.
  7. Hello everyone! Here i post a map 1x1 that I made
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