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  1. Fixed in v38. https://gyazo.com/4d6b6f1db2b094807d6cf7619f3c72ee V38 is out! Fixed the height brush regression from v37
  2. The 2nd problem is now fixed. https://gyazo.com/d8456b3d19f28b52eb83a0e3ab6f6287 This will keep the eraser still active. In reality I'd prefer directly disabling it like this: https://gyazo.com/29de2e83f3a76a357f946fdc54bec9d5 (probably for the next rev) V37 is out! Added Config option CENTERED_WINDOW to center the program window when opened Added global/local position in the f11 info board (https://gyazo.com/0205078025702dd58e523b6ffeebce82) Fixed moving with WASD if ctrl was pressed (e.g. ctrl+s) Fixed when switching height brush
  3. If you have a psd of it, send it to me. I prefer something like "map, model (icon & text), effect, fly"
  4. The 4th problem is now fixed. https://gyazo.com/0d179583b8c6a06178b4ad005ea4338f V35 out! Enabled large address aware Fixed selected object text area "About box" a little bit larger
  5. I've updated the tutorial by adding a new branch called vsimpl: https://github.com/martysama0134/how-to-cython-mt2/tree/vsimpl/HowToCython/CRootLib This will be very helpful for the following reasons: Automatic cythonization when you compile (via pre-compilation event) Only edited cythonized files will be compiled, and not everything every time i.e. I've previously fixed a bug in the main branch, so now only edited python files will be re-cythonized and not everything every time
  6. It took me some time, but I didn't see anything bad about him. So I think Dirt is fine. I rarely block people so you don't have to worry about flooding me of messages. I don't mind. You should stop changing nicknames otherwise I can't recognize you
  7. Am I supposed to keep providing support to resellers then? Obviously not. Even though I may be thankful for a report, this doesn't justify what you did later on. I previously said to Ikarus he could have behaved less aggressively towards you. Even so, he never told me to ignore you or anything else. Even if so, I wouldn't have considered that matter. My free time is getting shorter and shorter. That's why I'm currently searching for assistants in order to be more productive. It's not simple to find a trustworthy guy for this task.
  8. You haven't specified the reason of not recommending me. The -ex version is a "free" additional version I give to my customers by including very few released systems I (or my assistants) revised. People won't ever get extra-charged to get it. It's totally mentioned it on my website since day1. If those released system were to be deemed as wrong by the original author, I'll simply get rid of them/fully rework them.
  9. I have proofs you were reselling my work. From my ToS, I drop any form of contact/support if this were to happen. I even advised your webmaking service on my website, but I instead received many complains about you. Don't play dumb. You have voluntarily committed bad deeds and been excluded. It doesn't matter if it's Italy or elsewhere, everyone will act the same when you do the crap you did.
  10. Ah, I didn't notice the revert caused all the messages in here to disappear. I'll re-mention it again, and I'll also mention a new thing I'm actually working for a non-invasive license (I'll just tune up the one I prepared for v10) for the next updates, in order to share updates to old customers faster.
  11. In the last update, i've implemented the multithreading in the archive. It's currently extremely fast. For packing, what it took 180s now is done in 5s. For unpacking, what it took 180s now is done in 30s if the folders are missing, otherwise 6s. i.e. I also improved the original single-thread algorithm so it's faster than the older versions. I noticed 2 weird things though: 1) On parallel mode, some prints are skipped, so if you need to debug something, disable both --nolog and --parallel. 2) Redirecting the output to file (>.txt) on parallel mode slowers
  12. In my requirements I usually mention this: If changed as such, VsCode loads the document as utf8 if it has the BOM, otherwise LATIN1252 for all the others.
  13. >Imagine being more curious about their old midi music than all the rest:
  14. chmod u+x qdel In 2020, if they use quests like that, they shouldn't be allowed to open.
  15. V34 out! This can be considered a minor update. I compiled the project with /c++latest and other optimized flags.
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