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  1. In the last update, i've implemented the multithreading in the archive. It's currently extremely fast. For packing, what it took 180s now is done in 5s. For unpacking, what it took 180s now is done in 30s if the folders are missing, otherwise 6s. i.e. I also improved the original single-thread algorithm so it's faster than the older versions. I noticed 2 weird things though: 1) On parallel mode, some prints are skipped, so if you need to debug something, disable both --nolog and --parallel. 2) Redirecting the output to file (>.txt) on parallel mode slowers
  2. In my requirements I usually mention this: If changed as such, VsCode loads the document as utf8 if it has the BOM, otherwise LATIN1252 for all the others.
  3. >Imagine being more curious about their old midi music than all the rest:
  4. chmod u+x qdel In 2020, if they use quests like that, they shouldn't be allowed to open.
  5. I don't understand this comment at all. What you're saying is totally unrelated of what happened in the video. ? Why MM/DD/YYYY? W.H.Y.? That should be illegal.
  6. V34 out! This can be considered a minor update. I compiled the project with /c++latest and other optimized flags.
  7. V33 out! Fixed crash if TimeEventAlpha is empty inside the .mse Fixed lens flare Enabled win10 style https://imgur.com/a/4Av7cM3 (it looks stable)
  8. I forgot to mention I updated it: v2.0 added "ignore_full_name" config field, and allowed writing comments inside the .json setting file
  9. I never used that fix. I think I'll add "3840.0f, 2400.0f" via config, and hardcode the g_afColors change directly. I will also consider the Cloud effect one by default.
  10. What have you done precisely? Moved around the map then got randomly crashed? Did it happen again? https://imgur.com/a/sAPL2Bc As far as I understood, when you were moving around, the editor was calculating the heights of every object hit by the "raycast" (CCullingManager->SpherePack), but one of them was a broken instance.
  11. V32 out! This is just a minor update. I simply disabled the DPI-awareness, so the app won't scale weirdly if you set your windows's scaling (over 150% kinda) at all. Don't forget that, if you get crashes/asserts, you'll get a logs/{name}.dmp file. You can upload it and send it to me for debugging.
  12. Even hairs have skeletons moved by the animation, but they are considered just like mere static objects when added via object attachment. It may require a proper fix, but I don't want to touch that part of code in anytime soon. tl;dr
  13. I added this in those field because the old "0000/00/00 00:00" date could not be accepted in new mysql versions (no valid date). DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is not supported by mysql 5.5, but since 5.6. It returns NOW().
  14. It's already fixed in v30.
  15. V31 out! Removed useless File Dialog options Removed useless Toolbar options and added Redo https://imgur.com/a/qKHxBY2 New config options: RENDER_CURSOR_COLOR_{R|G|B} https://imgur.com/a/vs0HXdT OBJECT_HEIGHT_MAX OBJECT_HEIGHT_SLIDER_MAX https://imgur.com/a/6czWrPz ATTR_SLIDER_REMOVAL https://imgur.com/a/hF2HbJ5
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