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  1. V42 out! It's mostly a minor fix. Implemented the box collision handling (it requires additional code if you use .mde with boxes for launcher) Fixed the saving of msf files in the FlyTab
  2. You created a rootlib project with PythonrootlibManager.h/.cpp inside. It has nothing to do with my tutorial at all. You should include initrootlibManager, not initrootlib in UserInterface.cpp
  3. The issue is that the buffer is not cleared even if the packet is wrong. It will keep growing until you run out of memory. It's not just adminpage (@) vulnerable to this, but it's the simplest to exploit.
  4. They've disabled the topic since I was too busy at manually sharing updates to my customers. Since then I've already enabled the automatic downloads from my website to solve the matter. After I'll add more content and info on it (mostly an extended download list containing individual patches per commit too), I'll ask @ASIKOO for a revaluation. --------- https://pastebin.com/v5D3NCm8 this is the uiexchange without the chat box
  5. It seems the glitch came from uitooltip.py It should have been solved now.
  6. The original map/.txt waypoints when loaded also cause lag for many players ?
  7. For the available translations, they can be found in the same download link, specifically here. Maybe in future also here. Some of you are translating some languages. I've finished the IT one. How to change language? Like this: [Hidden Content]
  8. V40 is out! New config option LOCALE You can now translate the program UI (and also more in the future) by generating the relative WorldEditorRemix_{}.dll file. To translate the program: [Hidden Content] Editing can be done by either notepad or vs editor: Result:
  9. V39 is out! Auto-Save option added New config option AUTO_SAVE_TIME Fixed some crashes like in save server attr button
  10. There's an even simpler solution if the cores crash: a telegram bot (probably a discord one is fine as well) I did something like this with a single-line c++ telegram bot: The code for the game to handle the abort signal is just: void emergency_sig(int32_t sig) { if (sig == SIGSEGV) { tgfeed::CrashRpt(); abort(); } } // somewhere at the top inside int start(int argc, char **argv) signal(SIGSEGV, emergency_sig); in game/src/main.cpp
  11. There's no need to select another object to move it. You can do something weird like this: [Hidden Content] Selected tree + MouseWheel + 9|0 (SHIFT and CTRL for 10x and 100x speed multiply) ; # MouseWheel+9 move selected object x position (1x) (+asyncronous) ; # MouseWheel+0 move selected object y position (1x) (+asyncronous) ; # MW+RSHIFT+9|0 as above but *10x (+asyncronous) ; # MW+RCONTROL+9|0 as above but *100x (+asyncronous) As For the AutoSave feature, It will look like this: I need to think how frequent the automatic save should be done (5 minutes?), and whether or not this message should be displayed:
  12. If it's enabled by default, some people would find it annoying. If it's disabled by default, you'll still lose everything again. I should add a checkbox in plain sight close to the Load button for the [_] autosave feature.
  13. I guess the bug comes from ilGetInteger(IL_IMAGE_BPP). 265797632*512*512 doesn't seem a very good expression there. By default ilBpp should be 4. I can directly put 4 there, and it would work fine.
  14. I think this vulnerability is caused because, in CInputHandshake::Analyze, it keeps the connection open even if the processed packet fails, so the same connection can send infinite packets increasing the buffer size until it reaches 4gb of ram (32bit binary limit). Replace every return -1; there with { d->SetPhase(PHASE_CLOSE); return 0; } And that's all. yfw: int analyze_protect{0}; int analyze_protect_count{0}; If you're working on files that don't have c++11 enabled in 2021, you're probably doing something deep wrong. ?
  15. That's related to when you're editing an ambience effect, or close to one. With the large address aware enabled, it should reduce this. This means the previous 256x256 shadowmap.dds files will be useless. (this will require an internal conversion or to regenerate them) The generated result looks like this: [Hidden Content] If you want to test it, check __trash/we_remix_v38_shadowtest.rar
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