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  1. Hey guys, Have anyone ever seen something like this? Alas I can't debug it because it's really random and happened just about a few times but after like a character select it goes back to normal. Any idea?
  2. As the posts of the updates were lost, now I put them in this reply. UPDATE V1.2 fixed fbx conversion in case of several meshes added option to specify flags as arguments Download: https://distraught.hu/download/m2dev/GR2Tool_by_Distraught_granny211_v12.exe UPDATE V1.3 fixed material texture binding changed Y-up to Z-up Download: https://distraught.hu/download/m2dev/GR2Tool_by_Distraught_granny211_v13.exe
  3. Done. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/ed62ee15ecf2927cde4fa47f85204aa4aa1648bf4343386b358ed2cff245fc7a/detection
  4. Hey again Yesterday I was looking into mss32.dll and just found out this is the library being responsible for loading asi, mix, m3d, etc.. files. So I made a library that will hook the Miles Sound System so that it won't load unwanted files, only what is needed. Download: https://distraught.hu/DistraughtProtector/ VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/ed62ee15ecf2927cde4fa47f85204aa4aa1648bf4343386b358ed2cff245fc7a/detection There are 3 files in the zip: .lib -> put it in your extern/lib folder .h -> put it in your extern/
  5. Compile your game with -g flag for debug symbols and if it's not a live environment I suggest you use -O0 also.
  6. Change std::vector <LPITEM> item_gets(NULL); to std::vector <LPITEM> item_gets; And by the way those item_gets->GetName() at the end should be item_gets[i]->GetName()
  7. No one defined what they mean by interacting real-time. Interacting real time can also mean like sending messages what could be achieved. What I was talking about still makes sense as I told them their possibilities, just really have your time understanding it. This construction could matter tho. You ought to understand what I am saying instead of just trying to get it personal because your message was nothing but trying to be bitchy about anything.
  8. Hey guys, I just programmed this feature for my server but I thought it can be really useful for everyone so now I release it. This stuff is about how you can load images, etc. in the game without directly packing it into the client but uploading them to a web-server. In this tutorial we will make it work for images, but you can extend it to any type of file you want. There are not much requirements we only use up to C++11 features and you have to have libcurl library. Open up EterLib/ResourceManager.h and add add the following to the end of the class (don't f
  9. Or you can skip this all and just modify that if in CGraphicTextInstance::Render to if (m_isCursor && (ELTimer_GetMSec() / 500) & 1)
  10. And you really think the compiler won't optimize it anyway?
  11. Theoretically en bloc it gives some performance gain. For example converting meshes to 16bit indices even tho sounds strange because modern cpus work faster with their native word size but the less cache miss because of the size optimization can turn the balance to the other way around.
  12. It writes that out if you do that. But here it is: Optimizing mesh indices... Optimizing vertexes for CPU cache... Cleaning unreferenced materials...
  13. Hey guys, Last night I was kinda playing with granny a bit and this tool was born. I hope it will be useful for most of you! Download: https://distraught.hu/download/m2dev/GR2Tool_by_Distraught.exe Usage: Just drag and drop a gr2 file on the exe and choose what you would like the program to do. P.S.: Don't be surprised if the new gr2 file becomes bigger than it was, it is because this tool saves them without compression for better performance.
  14. Hey guys, I needed to be able to scroll on the ui with the mouse wheel and I thought it will be useful for others too so here's what to do. EterPythonLib PythonWindow.h Add virtual BOOL OnMouseWheel(int nLen); after like virtual BOOL OnMouseMiddleButtonUp(); In PythonWindow.cpp add the following function: BOOL CWindow::OnMouseWheel(int nLen) { long lValue; return PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_poHandler, "OnMouseWheel", Py_BuildValue("(i)", nLen), &lValue) && 0 != lValue; } In PythonWindowManager.h add bool RunMouseWhe
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