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  1. Actually the copyright problem was after they registered the trademark of Metin3 which GF tried to buy from them first but they said no. After this GF sued them and took everything else too. Magic to Master was just after everything (it was gonna be Metin3), they had to release it as a half-complete game because of money issues after the GF stuff. They tried to sell the game to the Metin2 community but they didn't really like it so they went bankrupt.
  2. Yes it was me. Originally it would be the last X Factor in Hungary and RTL tested if pre-organized scandals work. It did so they bought the license for 2 more periods as we see (1 period is 3 years).
  3. Hey The description said "Here is the area where you can talk about you..." and there's nothing I like more so I made this topic haha
  4. To see what takes time for you would need some profiling. Without that I can't really say anything.
  5. Hey guys, I think most of you know what I mean: when you log in or when new characters are created the game "freezes" a bit. Actually to disable this you only need a really really small change. Open InstanceBase.cpp and find the CInstanceBase::Create function. Here you will see this on the first line: IAbstractApplication::GetSingleton().SkipRenderBuffering(300); Just comment it out or lower the number. That's all
  6. We have made our HU server multilanguage so now and English localized client is available to download from our website! Why is Land of Heroes interesting? Flying: conquer even the skies! Susanoos (war ghosts): you can have war ghosts which attacks your enemy with you (you can also equip their unique weapons to them) In-Game Voice Chat: create a group and you can talk to your teammates in the game And many-many more... Interested? Come and check out our presentation: https://landofheroes.eu/presentation Website: https://landofheroes.eu Discord: https://discord.landofheroes.eu
  7. Hello Community, We as Land of Heroes are looking for reliable and passionate Game Masters for our EU server. Requirements: • being able to speak English properly • being able to cooperate and work in a team • good knowledge about Metin2 • advanced social skills The application form is available at https://landofheroes.eu
  8. You don't install a compiler on the server files. You just install a compiler and use it.
  9. V1.4: Texture paths are changed from D:\ymir work[...] to just simply ymir work\[...] when exporting to fbx or 3ds [Hidden Content]
  10. If you actually just copy+pasted that code then you just need to use "oimg" extension anywhere you would use images.
  11. Hey guys! We plan to open a Romanian server too so that we are looking for a community manager and translator for Land of Heroes RO. You can check out our Hungarian server at https://landofheroes.hu For the translator: We have every localization in one xls file, so it's going to be easy technically. You can apply in a private message.
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