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  1. UPDATE: no need to set map size, now you just have to select the directory of the map and it will read the minimap and it's settings automatically Link is the same but here it is again: http://distraught.hu/download/m2dev/RegenCreator.exe @ASIKOO can you please update the download center too?
  2. As it's a dotnet application, it's about a few clicks to reflect, but I have no intentions releasing it or I would of uploaded them.
  3. I suggest putting the includes in Area.cpp because those classes are only used there. If you can I suggest avoiding includes in headers because that makes the compilation much slower. You only have to include a header if you want to instantiate a class there or use any of its member variables or functions (or you want to know the size of it); otherwise you can predeclare the class (eg. if you just wanna have pointers to it or references) like class ClassName;.
  4. I don't know where you did that but I'm quite sure they are both defined as unsigned char so yes.
  5. For me they are after other includes but as @Gurgarath and @Syreldar said it should work the way they said. What platform toolset are you using? I'm not sure about this but maybe that could possible cause this.
  6. UPDATE: you can now delete by right click radius is shown around your mouse pointer Download updated, but here's the link again: http://distraught.hu/download/m2dev/RegenCreator.exe @ASIKOO can you please update it in the Download Center too?
  7. In that case this would be the smallest problem. But just for the code design we can fairly afford to skip updating the effects in that frame. I edited the code.
  8. Our mapper made a map with really-really a lot of effects on it. Some of our testers mentioned that the game started to lag for them on that map so much. I checked it in debug mode and actually the FPS dropped to actually 0. I started to profile the game what could be the bottleneck and so that I found the effects. When the game is dealing with effects for maps most of the time went in CMapOutdoor::RenderEffect. In this function it calls RenderEffects for each Area around you (that is 9 normally if you're not on some edge area). In the Area's render effect somewhy they did the effect upda
  9. CPythonCharacterManager has functions like CharacterInstanceBegin and CharacterInstanceEnd so you can iterate over the characters nearby like: TPixelPosition myPos; CPythonPlayer::instance().NEW_GetMainActorPosition(&myPos); CPythonCharacterManager& chrMgr = CPythonCharacterManager::instance(); for (auto it = chrMgr.CharacterInstanceBegin(); it != chrMgr.CharacterInstanceEnd(); ++it) { if (CInstanceBase* ch = *it) { TPixelPosition otherPos; ch->NEW_GetPixelPosition(&otherPos); if(GetPixelPositionDistance(myPos, otherPos) <= SOME DISTANCE && some other thi
  10. Compile your game with -g flag for debug smybols and with -O0 flag for disabling optimizations so that you can properly debug your core dump. We can only help after that.
  11. Maybe self.hpGaugeBoard is not initialized with the object so it's 0? Try to make it like if 0 != self.hpGaugeBoard: if TRUE == self.hpGaugeBoard.IsIn(): self.RefreshStatus() self.tooltipHP.Show() else: self.tooltipHP.Hide()
  12. There's a bug in the game if you have like an NPC and you set its opacity to less then 1.0 and attach effects to it and the effects are inside the model. The effect will not be rendered because the effect rendering is after character rendering so when it's stenciling it, it won't know what should be seen behind the model. To fix this we just have to pre-render the effects in this case. To achieve this add this code to the beginning of CActorInstance::OnRender if (GetAlphaValue() < 1.0f) { for (auto it = m_AttachingEffectList.begin(); it != m_AttachingEffectList.end();
  13. @LastSamurai23 help me a lot and recreated the model for me. Here's the result of our work The idea is from this video:
  14. Why do people think they should get a lifetime support for what they bought once? For the price he asks for his files you guys should be really really thankful. When someone contacts me to develop for them I do it for €100 hourly with no support after. You should come down to earth and stop disturbing him with pointless accusations...
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