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  1. Required level : Beginner Estimated time : 15 minutes This tutorial is to explain how to install a map on Metin2. Needed : A map, you can find many maps here. You will need access to your server, with WinSCP for example, as well as a packer like EterNexus or PackMakerLite for depack your client. I. Serveur side II. Client side A category Questions and Answers is available. If you have a problem or question, feel free to post a request!
  2. Just put translate.lua in english and replace the old one here /pathofyoursvfiles/share/locale/country It's not a system multilang
  3. Veltor88

    Pack Pet

    Hello, Im sharing a pet pack Preview Download
  4. The archive contains: The icons The models Textures Before : After : Download
  5. The archive contains: The icons Textures The models Preview : Download
  6. Veltor88

    Weapons X7

    Some weapons, just missing the icons Preview : Download
  7. Aion weapons, just missing the icons Preview : Download
  8. Some weapons, just the icons are missing Preview : Download
  9. Some weapons : Download
  10. Veltor88

    Weapons X5

    The archive includes: Textures The models The icons Before : After : Download
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