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  1. https://mega.nz/file/ZtNlDaDR#Alhey9vOhMD8BMnYauOCIQoPZoskeKhm1fmiAurVwQU
  2. Hello, This tutorial is intended to help beginner who don’t know how to configure regeneration files for specific maps. It may seem obvious to some but some don’t know how it works completely. That is, choose the correct location of your Monsters, Metins, Bosses and NPC’s as well as their coordinates, direction and spawn time. Information. The tutorial presents the 4 files (regen.txt, boss.txt, stone.txt, npc.txt) at the same time because they work particular the same way. These files are located in your server files at “share/locale/country/map/name_of_your_map/” How to get started? First, you need access to your server file directory. We recommend using WinSCP as it open source as in globally used among everyone. The map folder which you will configure. I. How to configure spawns? II. Manage group.txt and group_group.txt Special thanks to @Owsap for his help ! A category Questions and Answers is available. If you have a problem or a question, feel free to post a request!
  3. I recommand him, very serious.
  4. [Hidden Content] @ASIKOO
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  8. Level required : Beginner Estimed time : 15 minutes Hello everyone, This tutorial aims to explain how to configure an item on your server. Here is the list of possible configurations : Needed : An item already installed on the server on which you want to perform the configurations. This tutorial explains how to implant an item on your server (item, weapon, armor, hairstyle, sash, ect ...) The item_proto.txt which is in the files of your server (WinSCP). It is in this file that the configuration of all the items of the game is located. I. Item_proto.txt, what is it? II. Parameters A category Questions and Answers is available. If you have a problem or a question, feel free to post a request!
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