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  1. @FuffyMiaolink discord invalid, maybe they can't contact you on discord.
  2. Change m2net with chat like this chat.SendChatPacket.... and import chat before this function at start file when you open it Or import m2net
  3. Constants.cpp, you can find here all stone yang etc.
  4. Hi, tonight I was looking for some metin2 icons for my PVM server and I had seen this stuff in their client. I suppose it's something with Corona but also something like a "PUBG" game mode. What is your opinion about that?
  5. Really looks so nice, great job bro, thank you so much for this post.
  6. Solved, topic close please.
  7. Bump, still searching for war map.
  8. Tell more about crash maybe we can help you free.
  9. I have small bug who can fix it, i'm gonna pay. 1. After i go all set skill damage, recharging is not giving damage second set skills
  10. Server is online, over 230 players. We will be back soon with maintenance update and news. Ty for joining our server and you are playing with us.
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