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  1. Server is online, all problems are solved.
  2. We are waiting you on server at 20:30 Romanian HOUR ty
  3. Server name:Death-World Type: PvP Clasic Level Max: 99 Website: www.death-world.global Discord:https://discord.gg/JNyGwA
  4. You are getting so mad for your friend. Take it easy bro anyway please topic close this i solved all systems.
  5. I know about Zenu, but i want from anoter man. Ty for info. Can u contact on discord please i have to talk you something.
  6. How title say i pay for systems Payment: Paypal Accept middleman. Contact : Discord : Vaynz#2642 / Skype: sebi.sex3 Kids try to pass this topic.
  7. Updated https://mega.nz/#!PsIEiA7K!1J_ki9r_pPrDKSG7jQxHIihzzzsylraitHz2r4ceBdI
  8. Link download : Mega Link VT: Virus Total Photo: Why post: Resellers for me are shits
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