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  1. Hi guys, I have little problem with warrior hair_2_1.. Here is screenshot: https://ctrlv.cz/D13U Granny is 2.11 and I never had this problem.. Syserr is clean.. I try extract this model from other clients but looks all time piece of shit like screenshot.. Same in granny viewer.. Anyone has this problem? This model is rlly trash work.. But where is problem?
  2. Where is old metin if anyone need this system.. So lazy one more click for more fun..
  3. Hi, Does anyone idea how to create socket in shield, helm and boots just like stones (armor/weapon) or jewels (necklace, earrings, bracelet) ? Edit: Solved by yourself! - https://ctrlv.cz/4q8C
  4. Cool! Thats I want just how to declare subtype in uitooltip
  5. Anyone know how to block description for ARROW? Because in code is declared: item.GetItemType() == item.ITEM_TYPE_WEAPON Its a bug because arrow with bonuses is impossible..
  6. UTF8? For Czech?! xd Try use brain... Use charset windows1250 (Central European) and save as charset no instadead save.. Edit: CZ - UTF8 neumí diakritiku je to mezinárodní univerzal.. Musíš použít charset co jsem ti napsal a před zápisem prvně otevři locale_string.txt - já používám sublime místo notepadu.. V něm dej reopen with encoding.. Dej windows1250.. Zapiš si vše co chceš a pak to s tím ulož..
  7. Why? Just repair item_list.txt... Client is not trash can..
  8. Hi, Today I add new bonuses in character status, but I dont know how to add texts.. Whats I know: 1. 2D - windows.dds 2. Python - characterwindow.py Problem is I dont know what I must search and where is .sub file.. Can anyone help me? Here is screenshot what I need: https://ctrlv.cz/asLN Thanks!
  9. I mean OVH works with gameforge.. Try google on net.. Its full of this..
  10. affect.add_collect affect.remove_collect You can use this.. Its so ugly but works. Edit: If you want quest whats work.. 20lv - 3 40lv - 5 60lv - 10 80lv - 12 100lv - 20 3+5+10+12+20 = 50 at 100lv.. I mean this is better than after 20lv´s receive 10.. This is better balanced for actual lv.. quest human begin state start begin when login or levelup with pc.get_level() >= 20 begin affect.add_collect(apply.ATTBONUS_HUMAN, 3, 60*60*24*365*60) set_state(lv40) end end state lv40 begin when login or levelup with pc.get_level() >= 40 begin affect.add_collect(apply.ATTBONUS_HUMAN, 5, 60*60*24*365*60) set_state(lv60) end end state lv60 begin when login or levelup with pc.get_level() >= 60 begin affect.add_collect(apply.ATTBONUS_HUMAN, 10, 60*60*24*365*60) set_state(lv80) end end state lv80 begin when login or levelup with pc.get_level() >= 80 begin affect.add_collect(apply.ATTBONUS_HUMAN, 12, 60*60*24*365*60) set_state(lv100) end end state lv100 begin when login or levelup with pc.get_level() >= 100 begin affect.add_collect(apply.ATTBONUS_HUMAN, 20, 60*60*24*365*60) set_state(__COMPLETE__) end end state __COMPLETE__ begin end end
  11. Hi guys, I have little problem with my client.. So sounds works good (character, hitbox, monter, etc.. just sounds) but music dont play.. I mean .mp3.. List is ok, BGM folder is ok, miles folder is ok.. I can see ingame music in BGM folder, I can play music, but without volume.. And yes volume is on max... Did anyone have a similar problem or tip where is problem? Syserr is clean and I dont know how long I have this problem.. But I never changed anything.. Binary is packed by enigma but without miles folder.. Thanks for tips..
  12. Anyone has solution how to fix it? I want minimalize filter like classic mobs.. https://ctrlv.cz/mPoW Thanks! Edit: Fix by yourself.. This: // Metin STATEMANAGER.SetRenderState(D3DRS_TEXTUREFACTOR, CInstanceBase::GetIndexedNameColor(CInstanceBase::NAMECOLOR_METIN)); aIterator = m_MetinPositionVector.begin(); while (aIterator != m_MetinPositionVector.end()) { TMarkPosition & rPosition = *aIterator; m_WhiteMark.SetPosition(rPosition.m_fX, rPosition.m_fY); m_WhiteMark.Render(); ++aIterator; } Not under this: // NPC STATEMANAGER.SetRenderState(D3DRS_TEXTUREFACTOR, CInstanceBase::GetIndexedNameColor(CInstanceBase::NAMECOLOR_NPC)); aIterator = m_NPCPositionVector.begin(); while (aIterator != m_NPCPositionVector.end()) { TMarkPosition & rPosition = *aIterator; m_WhiteMark.SetPosition(rPosition.m_fX, rPosition.m_fY); m_WhiteMark.Render(); ++aIterator; } But under this: // Monster STATEMANAGER.SetRenderState(D3DRS_TEXTUREFACTOR, CInstanceBase::GetIndexedNameColor(CInstanceBase::NAMECOLOR_MOB));//m_MarkTypeToColorMap[TYPE_MONSTER]); aIterator = m_MonsterPositionVector.begin(); while (aIterator != m_MonsterPositionVector.end()) { TMarkPosition & rPosition = *aIterator; m_WhiteMark.SetPosition(rPosition.m_fX, rPosition.m_fY); m_WhiteMark.Render(); ++aIterator; }
  13. Yes but if you use old core you cant implement this system.. Same problem as if you dont know how.. And if you want start with complete basic source files, just use fliege files.. This is not best way, but better than old core..
  14. This is true, but you can simply edit source and delete all new functions.. Second way is hide/disable all new functions.. Welcome same game as 2008, but with source.. If you have source, you can repair 1000 bugs from old game.. You can upgrade python, granny library, you can more protect your game.. You can what you want.. Not reason using old game core and easy way change core.. I have old 2011 server with source.. Game is same, but I have more options..
  15. And why not? So sorry but your question is same as using this sf for server in 2020... And I dont know if is 404 core safe... Better use 2089m or 40k.. You can use locale repositary.. Same as 90% of client... (item_list, proto, skilldesc, icons, items, maps, just all what you need for game like 2004).. Btw. you can simple pack game from vdi to tar or tar.gz in console and unpack on vps.. Edit: Btw... Better use daroo, same effect but you cant must translate korea text..
  16. some where in client i think in root have bad implentation or spacebar idk ...
  17. https://uloz.to/file/HAjKsEYW5t5k/serverfiles1678-rc-b4-exe password for rar is "germany" This is not my backup, but is it original. Full VDI 2089m original daroo mega edition.. I lose link for client, but I have original rar in pc.. Still wait for link uploading mega.. You can create your server with this files.. Its original clean 2012 game without dragon alchemy, belts, costume and more new updates.. I recommend change core for clean 40k, because 2089m is rlly old and you dont have source... Edit: Here client from my mega: https://mega.nz/#!4C4GxIaZ!Q4ty7epZTY9WOo9QvmDzeqkVx4fuioPGj2HAyLAC--Y
  18. Engine is not totally bad, but ui is trash.. xd
  19. # Online member ALREADY_NOTIFY_LIST = [] if not name in constInfo.ALREADY_NOTIFY_LIST: self.onlinePopup = uiCommon.OnlinePopup() self.onlinePopup.SetUserName(name) self.onlinePopup.SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.OpenWhisper), "MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_UP", name) self.onlinePopup.SlideIn() constInfo.ALREADY_NOTIFY_LIST.append(name) i remove these parts
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