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  1. Whats wrong with you ? Lead @ another famous Metin2 Forum did create this code. Pay him respect with a mention or i report your "fix" for being stolen
  2. hehe nice stolen from Lead
  3. https://mega.nz/file/HQsmRSpJ#kHpxAZ91QccFi3gDGVVjM4RzyJNAuNm9qfywvMeObWQ
  4. What do you mean ? With 98% of user costume work perfect.
  5. Can you reproduce this Header 35 error or is it everytime 35 ? Sometimes he give random header numbers if Something on Packet.h is not equal
  6. portsnap fetch extract portsnap fetch update
  7. Just put the file to "/usr/home/game/share/exppettable.txt"
  8. he cant read pet-exp table std::string temp_exp_line; std::ifstream exppet_table_open("/usr/home/game/share/exppettable.txt"); /*if (!exp_table_open.is_open()) return 0;*/ int exppet_table_counter = 0; int tmppet_exp = 0; while (!exppet_table_open.eof()) { exppet_table_open >> temp_exp_line; str_to_number(exppet_table_common[exppet_table_counter], temp_exp_line.c_str()); if (exppet_table_common[exppet_table_counter] < 2147483647) { sys_log(0, "Livelli Pet caricati da exppettable.txt: %d !", exppet_table_common[exppet_table_counter]); exppet_table_counter++;
  9. you need to add to UserInterface: PythonSkillPet.h & PythonSkillPet.cpp on the last error... you read what is written there...
  10. He use in the class the function without additional 0
  11. You need to add the additional file/ files to the project. Richtclick on UserInterface. Add->existing->choose the file
  12. self.but_propose = DropDown(self,'Viteza switch',0) try this
  13. the define is wring in one questlua file. check the questlua_newpet or stng like that. The Define is miss-spelled
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