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  1. Nice. Thank both of you. I will bring this on next update. And if it is okay i will refer this thread.
  2. Hey iam looking for a Halloween Map1 (all 3 empires) thank you
  3. Iam getting this error, when i have it to long minimized:
  4. Now the temple and the easy monkey dungeon is open. On 10/31/2021, 2Evo will officially launch. We already have many updates and content expansions planned to follow. That means for you, that you have to give everything now, so that we can start as bugfree as possible. P.S. The Alpha reward in the form of coins will only be given to players with a certain playtime and level. Except for long-term testers like VitaFit, Hulluks GamingLauch, ... who have already done a lot for us and for example secured exclusive and permanent costumes/mounts. Of course you will also get coins.
  5. look at bool CHARACTER::EquipItem(LPITEM item, int iCandidateCell) bool CHARACTER::EquipItem(LPITEM item, int iCandidateCell) Then maybe something like that; if (item->GetVnum() == 1234 && GetWear(PART_WEAPON) != NULL) { if (GetWear(PART_WEAPON)->GetVnum() != 4321) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "NOT_VNUM_4321_EQUIPPED")); return false; } } I there are more, you can filter for type/subtype or do a array of vnum
  6. Do you allready have a Webserver? I can build you a simple, but safe register page.
  7. Build a debug exe and send log.txt
  8. if app.ENABLE_COSTUME_SYSTEM: itemType = item.GetItemType() if item.ITEM_TYPE_COSTUME == itemType: isCostumeItem = 1 isCostumeHair = item.COSTUME_TYPE_HAIR == itemSubType isCostumeBody = item.COSTUME_TYPE_BODY == itemSubType isCostumeSash = itemSubType == item.COSTUME_TYPE_SASH isCostumeMount = item.COSTUME_TYPE_MOUNT == itemSubType

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