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  1. Love the rules or not. If you are here, you must follow the rules of this place. The rule is very clear. And please don't be a dumb, it's not about social justice warrior or etc.
  2. Just build discord project with c++14. What does it matter?
  3. ClientVS22.7z has discord rpc. (Enable at locale_inc.h) Thanks @ASIKOO for test
  4. Old but not gold. I think it devalues the shaman character.
  5. Why are all bots posting on my threads? @ASIKOO Another One
  6. Mali

    map (Jinno)

    Those messages are a little bit sarcastic. Doesn't it?
  7. Hello, I have no interest in such innovations. Officially, I do more system-based shares.
  8. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) [Hidden Content]- You can think of it as the lite version. More features are likely to come in the future. + Mount Restrict + Start and Win Effects If you have a problem,
  9. You could have sold it for 150 euros but you chose to share it with the community. Thank you Mr. Toki
  10. Service from a real dev. Recommended.
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