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  1. The size of ítem in item_proto should be 2..
  2. thank you very much really. I hope you can have time, regards.
  3. Mareq

    New system idea

    On official servers, when a mob enters a safezone, the mob automatically disappears. As if you were applying a purge
  4. item.cpp: In member function 'const char* CItem::GetName()': item.cpp:2354:25: error: 'CMobManager' has not been declared const CMob * pMob = CMobManager::instance().Get(dwMobVnum); ^ item.cpp:2356:63: error: invalid use of incomplete type 'const class CMob' len = snprintf(szItemName, sizeof(szItemName), "%s", pMob->m_table.szLocaleName); ^ In file included from item.cpp:4:0: char.h:561:7: error: forward declaration of 'const class CMob' class CMob;
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